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Program Review Committee

  • Membership

    Terri Clark (Chair)
    Carolyn Coffin
    Marc Cohen
    Arun Iyer
    Chuck Lawrence (ex-officio)
    Jackie Leibsohn
    Valerie Lesniak
    Carrie Miller
    Michael Ng


    Program Review Guidelines


    A subcommittee of Academic Assembly that reviews new program proposals and existing program reviews and then makes a formal report including recommendations to Academic Assembly.


    Recommendatory to Academic Assembly.


    Meets bi-weekly, at the direction of the Chair, or upon request of a simple majority of the members. Meetings are closed to non-members, with the exception of program representatives by invitation.


    Membership consists of 7 faculty members: College of Arts and Sciences (1), Albers School of Business and Economics (1), College of Education (1), College of Nursing (1), College of Science and Engineering (1), the chair, who is the vice president of Academic Assembly, and the Associate Provost for Academic Achievement. Faculty eligible must be full-time and have taught at Seattle University for at least 3 years. Deans and higher administrators are not eligible. Term of service for faculty members are 3 years beginning October 1 and ending September 31 the following year. Successors are nominated by their deans and appointed by the Academic Assembly.

    Reports To:

    Academic Assembly

    Minutes Distribution

    Minutes are kept in the Provost’s Office and are only read by members of the committee and Academic Assembly.

    Chair or Contact Person/Telephone Number

    Rosa Hughes x6384