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Naef Scholars Program Committee

  • Membership

    David Madsen, Moderator
    Hyun Jung Kim
    Andrew Tadie
    Teresa Ling
    Nicole Hoyes Wilson
    2nd Year Naef Scholar


    Supports financially and educationally upper-level undergraduate students of the University who have demonstrated intellectual skill and leadership potential.


    Recommendatory to the President, through the Provost.


    Committee meets from late April through mid-May. Decisions for the following year are made by June 1.


    Program moderator appointed by the President; 4 faculty members from various schools/colleges; Student Development office representative; 2nd year Naef Scholar.

    Reports to

    President on matters of scholar selection, but in all other matters the moderator reports to Provost.

    Minutes Distribution

    Distributed to moderator and President.

    Chair or Contact Person/Telephone Number

    David Madsen 206-296-6938


    First awarded in 1983 and named after Sue Naef, who left her estate to the university for scholarships upon her death in 1982. Those eligible for the award are nominated by any member of the university community and a full-time student in the Albers School, College of Arts and Science, School of Nursing and Matteo Ricci College. Students in the School of Science and Engineering were eligible for the Naef award until the school received a large endowment in 1995 for scholarship and research.