Safety Equipment Funding

2023 Pilot Program

The Safety Equipment Funding pilot program provides financial support for safety enhancements on campus. Each academic department may request up to $350 to purchase reusable (non-disposable) items to address identified safety concerns. Requests may be for the full amount of a purchase or for cost sharing. Departments may submit multiple requests each fiscal year, but priority will be given to departments that have not previously received funding.

To request funding, complete the Safety Equipment Funding Request form. Include the list of items to be purchased and a short explanation of how the purchase will improve safety. Supply orders must be placed through Procure SU. All requests that can be fulfilled within budgetary constraints will be approved.

Examples of safety equipment:

  • Vented caps for chemical waste
  • Machine guards
  • Ergonomic specialty equipment (e.g., biosafety cabinet arm rests)
  • Replacement burner tubing
  • Reusable PPE, e.g.,
    • Flame-resistant (Nomex) lab coats
    • Laser safety glasses
    • Thermoprotective gloves