Redhawk Axis
Academic Scheduling, Grading, & Records


For information on grading, grade removal, or changing a grade, please refer to the following policies and forms.

Academic Grading Grievance (2004-7)

Policy governing the the process for submitting a grade grievance.

Grade Point Average Requirements for Degree Completion (75-2)

Policy governing the minimum GPA requirements of the Bachelor and Master's degrees in each college.

Grading Alternative Modes (76-1)

Policy governing pass/fail, credit/fail, and credit/ no credit grading.

Grade Report Request

A Grade Report Request may be made for tuition reimbursement purposes.

Incomplete Removal (97-3)

The Incomplete (I) grade is a temporary grade indicating that work in the course was acceptable, although a critical portion of it was not completed because of illness or other serious circumstances beyond the student's control.

N Grade and Q Grades Statute of Limitations (75-19)

Policy governing the limitations and deadlines for N and Q grades.

Repeated Courses (77-2)

Policy governing course repeats and the transcripting of repeated courses.





  • May 28-30 - Memorial Day Weekend: No Classes
  • June 6 - Last Class Day
  • June 7-11 - Final Exam Week
  • June 12 - Commencement
  • June 20 - First 4-week, 8-week & 10- week Sessions Begin
  • June 24 - Last Day to Add/Drop or Change Grading Option, First 4-week, 8-week & 10-week Sessions
  • July 4 - Independence Day: No Classes 
  • More important dates