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SU Sponsored and Exchange 2018-2019 deadline has ended!

Thank you to all the students that applied for 2018-2019 Sponsored and Exchange programs. For students who missed the deadline, no need to worry! Come by our office to talk about options. 

The Education Abroad Sponsored Program Model offers a menu of more than 120 sponsored semester-long and academic year programs. SU institutional scholarships, grants, and full state and federal aid can be applied to these programs.  

NEW! Education Abroad Office's online platform Horizons now is available for students to do advanced search!

You can now search our SU Sponsored program by destination, field of study, features, etc. When using this, be aware that some program may only offer one or many courses in that discipline. Students must work with their Academic Advisor and Education Abroad Advisor to determine whether a given program will satisfy degree requirements. Program Fees listed are based on 2016-2017 rates and are subject to change.

How It Works

  • Attend an Information Session at the Education Abroad Office (EAO)
  • Schedule to meet with an Education Abroad Advisor and your academic advisor
  • Research study abroad programs that best fit your study abroad goals. Remember to consult a parent and family member when planning.
  • Apply to the program through EAO (link below) by February 1 of the year prior to studying abroad (ex. To study abroad in Fall 2018, Winter 2019, and/or Spring 2019 an application must be submitted by February 1, 2018). *Studying abroad for one academic year is not guaranteed when applying for SU Sponsored programs* 
  • Students get nominated by the EAO for the program. (The process typically takes 2-3 weeks after Feb 1 deadline)
  • Once nominated by the Education Abroad Office, students apply to the program sponsor (an application fee may be charged).
    • Information submitted initially to Seattle U may be required to be resubmitted to Program Sponsor
  • Complete required SU paperwork and attend mandatory pre-departure orientation.
  • Complete required program sponsor paperwork and apply for a visa, if applicable.
  • Students are charged one quarter of SU tuition for participation during fall quarter and/or winter/spring quarters combined. A program fee (up to $12,000) may be charged in addition to SU tuition in the term you are abroad and will appear on SUonline. See the Program Model to determine whether a selected program will have an additional fee. In many cases, SU tuition and program fees will exceed affiliate charges. The cost difference is attributed to additional expenses incurred by SU for risk management, academic assessment/accreditation, on-campus student support services, access to SU institutional aid, affiliate sponsor membership fees, and other overhead expenses. 
  • Housing may or may not be included in the program fees, please be sure to check out the Program Budgets to learn more about specific programs budget breakdowns.
  • Eligible coursework applies toward the SU degree as transfer credits.


For each semester or quarter abroad, students pay one quarter of SU tuition and applicable program fees. Even when abroad, SU students are responsible to pay SU technology fees. Students receive a budget for their selected program which includes these costs as well as estimated additional costs. Students are responsible for full payment of tuition and program costs once the acceptance agreement is signed on Horizons. SU pays the program provider for the cost of the program. Some programs include housing while others do not. Consult the Program Model to determine this. If housing is not included, students will pay the program sponsor directly for it. Students are responsible to pay for additional expenses such as lab fees, voluntary excursions, housing upgrades, etc.

*Should a student withdraw acceptance for any reason after the agreement is signed, that student is responsible for all unrecoverable costs which SU has incurred on the student's behalf. Contact the Education Abroad office for more information.*

 SU Education Abroad Policies


Information Sessions

Info Sessions are available daily. 
Please contact us at 206-296-2226 or email us at 
or come into our office, Pavilion 124 for more detail and reservation.