Short-Term Courses


Short-term courses add an international field-study component to classes taught during the fall, winter or spring quarter. Students attend pre-departure courses in the quarter prior to winter break, spring break, or summer break. Once the quarter ends, the class travels abroad with their faculty member(s) to complete the international field-study portion of the course. The duration of the international component ranges from one week to three weeks.


The entire course may be compressed into an intensive short-term format that is primarily conducted overseas with the exception of pre-departure meetings and out-of-class assignments held on the SU campus.

*Please note that some short-term courses take place during winter or spring break.

How it works

  • Apply to program directly through the department. Deadlines vary.
  • Pay deposit according to individual program requirements.
  • Complete required SU paperwork (by published deadlines to invoice late charges), courses, meetings, and attend pre-departure orientation.
  • Eligible course work applies toward the SU degree.


Costs vary according to each program and are charged to the SU student account. See the Financial Aid Budgets for more detailed cost estimates. This budget is required when meeting with Student Financial Services to discuss financial aid options.

SU enrolls all participants in required travel health insurance. The cost of this insurance is incurred by the student. Contact program faculty directors for more information.


Current programs are listed below!


College of Arts & Sciences 

School of Law

  • Spain: Madrid Summer Study Abroad Program (Graduate)

Albers School of Business and Economics

College of Science & Engineering 

  • Chile: Mathematical Models of Near-Shore Phenomena (Undergraduate) (Spring Break 2018)

College of Nursing

  • Nicaragua: Global Nursing Seminar & Immersion (Undergraduate) (Summer 2018)
  • CANCELLED for 2018 -Belize: Global Nursing Seminar & Immersion (Undergraduate) (Summer 2018)


Matteo Ricci College

  • Mexico: (De)constructing International Developmentin Tijuana (Undergraduate) (Spring Break 2018)