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Seattle University has over 69 SU-Sponsored and SU-Exchange programs across the globe. Of these, we have identified 50 programs that have previously offered one or more courses in Business Economics. This guide highlights just a few. Explore the full list of programs!

Suggested Courses To Take Abroad

Highlighted Programs

Courses listed here have been offered previously but are not guaranteed to be offered each term. Consult the program's website for up-to-date course listings. All courses taken abroad must be approved by the Business Economics department prior to going abroad. Contact Education Abroad Office for more information about costs and application steps. 

Image for CEA Study in Cape Town

CEA Study in Cape Town

SU Sponsored Program in Cape Town, South Africa

Previously offered courses:

  • Independent Research Project
  • Economic Challenges in Africa
  • Quantitative Methods in Economics
Image for Sophia University Exchange

Sophia University Exchange

SU Exchange Program in Tokyo, Japan

Previously offered courses:

  • Economic Statistics
  • Economics of Poverty
  • Topics in Japanese Business and Economics
Image for IES: Business & Economics of Italian Food & Wine

IES: Business & Economics of Italian Food & Wine

SU Sponsored Program in Siena, Italy

Previously offered courses:

  • The Economics of Social & Environmental Sustainability: Food & Wine Sectors in the New Globalization
  • Economic Policy in the EU and its Impact on Global Food Markets
  • Managing Small Business Enterprises with a Farm-to-Table Focus
Image for ISA Environmental Studies, Health Care, Liberal Arts & Spanish Language

ISA Environmental Studies, Health Care, Liberal Arts & Spanish Language

SU Sponsored Program in San Jose, Costa Rica

Previously offered courses:

  • Introduction to International Economics in Latin America
  • Introduction to International Business
  • International Marketing

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