Program Budgets

Education Abroad Office encourages students to utilize our budgeting resources to financially prepare for their time abroad.

The 2018-2019 SU Program Budget Catalog includes Budget Worksheets for all SU-Sponsored and SU-Exchange programs. The purpose of these worksheets is to provide a general idea of how much studying abroad is going to cost, factoring in components such as program fees, meals, and airfare. The Non-SU Budget Worksheet is a budget planning resource for students participating in a Non-SU program. The Education Abroad Office must stamp/sign a student's completed Non-SU Budget Worksheet before the student is able to discuss these study abroad plans with a Student Financial Aid Counselor. The Cost Comparison Worksheets provides a template for comparing the costs of participating in a specific program to the costs of attending Seattle University for the equivalent duration, worksheets for SU programs and Non-SU programs are available. 

*UPDATED: 2018-19 SU Program Budget Catalog is now available for viewing!*