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Seattle University is host to many events that express the Catholic Jesuit character of the university.

The Institute for Catholic Thought and Culture sponsors events that provide a Catholic lens to on-going conversations at the university, conversations that are especially relevant to our local community and our world today.

The institute co-sponsors events with other departments and divisions of the university to create a culture of engagement with the Catholic intellectual and wisdom tradition.

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The Catholic Imagination: Co-presented with Image 


Over the course of the spring quarter, the Institute for Catholic Thought and Culture is pleased to offer a series of events centering on the theme of the Catholic Imagination. This is a topic that has wide-ranging implications, not only in the realm of literature and the arts but across the disciplines and throughout public life.

The history of the Church's artistic heritage, from paintings in the catacombs to the Sistine Chapel and beyond, is incredibly rich, but is it a thing of the past or does it have continuing relevance for a diverse, postmodern society? Are there aspects of the Catholic imagination that can still shape the way we make culture, form public policy, and pursue justice and peace?

The events that ICTC will present in the spring quarter will address these questions directly, in the spirit of what Pope Francis wrote in Evangelii Gaudium: that every attempt to speak about the Catholic vision "would do well to attend to the 'way of beauty' (via pulchritudinis).... We must be bold enough to discover new signs and new symbols, new flesh to embody and communicate the word, and different forms of beauty which are valued in different cultural settings, including those unconventional modes of beauty which may mean little to the evangelizers, yet prove particularly attractive for others."


Upcoming Events:

The Denise Levertov Award with 2016 honoree Dana Gioia
May 11, 2016
7:00 PM, Pigott Auditorium

Dana Gioia, Judge Widney Professor of Poetry and Public Culture at the University of Southern California, poet laureate of California, and former chair of the National Endowment for the Arts, will be honored. He will read his poetry and offer reflections on the Catholic imagination.


Shouts or Whispers?: The Catholic Literary Imagination Then & Now
May 26, 2016 
7:00 PM, LeRoux, STCN 160

Wolfe, ICTC Consultant and editor of Image, will trace key literary figures within the Catholic tradition, how they have influenced his development as a writer and their importance today.

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