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Haley Woods

  • After graduating from Seattle U with a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, I decided pursue a career in teaching and feeling a connection to Seattle U’s mission of preparing leaders for a more just and humane world, there was no question as to where I wanted to continue my education. Through the Masters in Teaching program, I learned to be more contemplative both of my teaching practice and of my life. Now in my fourth year teaching I find myself relying on the reflective practices every day thinking about how my lessons went and how I could make them better, how my students did in class and how they are doing personally, and how I presented myself in class and what type of roll model I was that day.
    When I heard about the CLA program starting in Seattle I filled out the application as soon as it came out because I was eager to reconnect with the SU mission and to reignite my faith.  Through the leadership training and personal development, I have learned more about who I am and how I can be a better leader, a better person for others, and a better person for myself.  My participation in CLA has been more than a growth experience, it has also been a source of reconnection with my faith and a sense of community among peers with whom I may have never gotten to interact, let alone journey with in a personal and professional development setting.
    About half way through our first year in CLA, my boyfriend Dave and I decided to combine our love of riding bikes and brewing craft beer into starting a bike-themed brewery in Ballard – Peddler Brewing Company!  In order to fund this project we kept our full-time jobs and have done all of the construction ourselves. To say that I have been overwhelmed, stress, sleep-deprived, and an emotional wreck the last 7 months would be an understatement. It has been a huge juggle teaching full-time, leading my high school’s Key Club, being actively involved with the CLA program, and all that goes into starting a business. My time at Seattle University and continued connection through CLA has helped me with the skills to make it through the stressful periods of time when I am prone to inward thinking and self-pitying. I find myself reflecting in my free moments between classes or while commuting to work. This mindfulness has improved my presence to my students, to Dave, and to myself.
    I really feel that a large part of the success of Dave and my brewery, and especially the continued success of our relationship through this process, is due to what I have learned and applied from the Jesuit traditions and teachings. All that mindfulness and hard work has paid off because our brewery, Peddler Brewing Company, opens its doors on March 8th! Our vision is for our brewery to be a place of community for both beer and bike lovers. Dave and I especially look forward to working on advocacy issues surrounding bicycle safety and trails around the Seattle area. Maybe we’ll have to brew up an Ignatian IPA in honor of the wonderful teachings that have helped guide me through every-day life and especially this crazy business start-up process. To Seattle U, Magis, and the Jesuits – cheers!

  • Haley Woods (left)
    Seattle University 2007, 2009