Mission and Ministry
Alumni Living the Mission

Glen Butterworth, S.J. and Natch Ohno, S.J.

  • It seems to Natch Ohno, S.J. that setting the world on fire, or as was said of Alberto Hurtado, S.J., “a fire that kindles other fires,” is just the call of Magis: Alumni Living the Mission. As Contemplative Leaders in Action (CLA) is moved to the center of how Magis engages alumni, he believes as CLA3 Chaplain, he is not co-creating a “carbon copy” of what has gone on before, rather cultivating something personal. Glen Butterworth, S.J. who will be the chaplain for CLA2 puts it, “A big part of living in this madly complex, dynamic culture that we call home is figuring out ‘how’ we engage personally the really deep stuff of ‘meaning’ in our lives. Staying engaged in the midst of this complexity demands vulnerability and flexibility paired with agency and planning.”
    As each new CLA3 participant commits to the 2 years of formation and community, Natch joins them in that commitment. And it’s this commitment to alignment of values and purpose that excites him. “My soul awakens in expectation of this next cohort of CLA, invited not just on the bench, but as a hopeful presence to those actively engaged in this journey of faith committed to others.”
    Glen Butterworth, S.J. will join the CLA2 cohort for their second year together as chaplain and echoes Natch’s anticipation for this role of spiritual accompaniment.  “Getting more comfortable with that level of spiritual mapping provides us with personalized pathways of freedom – that’s the stuff of continuing formation” he says.  “Magis provides us with the programmatic context for living the mission in contemporary life. More importantly, perhaps, it provides us with the community where grace is recognized and welcomed.”    

    Glen Butterworth, S.J. (pictured on the top to the right) is Parochial Vicar at St. Joseph Parish and a Magis Advisory Board Member.
    Natch Ohno, S.J. (
    pictured second on the top to the right) is Assistant to the Vice President for Student Development at Seattle U, Assistant Rector of Arrupe Jesuit Community, and Women's Basketball Team Chaplain.