Controller's Office

Payroll Manual

Who are Seattle University Employees

Documents Authorizing Payment to Employees

Payroll Change Notice(PCN)
Faculty Employment Contract
Summer School Letter of Appointment
Letter of Appointment
Student Employment Action Form
Letter of Appointment for Jesuits  

Extra Compensation


Pay Days

Salaried Staff and Faculty
Summer Faculty
Adjunct Faculty
Law School Adjunct Faculty
Hourly Employees, Union Employees and Temporaries
Hourly Students

Pay Period

Salaried Staff and Faculty
Hourly Employees, Union Employees, and Temporaries
Hourly Students

Early Pay

Request for an Advance

Direct Deposit 

Payroll Check Distribution

Staff and Faculty
Emergency Situations
Special Request

Payroll Events

Retroactive Payments

Staff Time-Sheets

Standard Working Hours of the Month:
Exempt Employees
Non-Exempt Employees
Hourly Rate Calculation for Salaried Employees

Payroll Salary Expenditure Reports