New support for Bailey Gatzert

Q and A with Eddie Lincoln, Bailey Gatzert School Success Coordinator

Eddie Lincoln

Eddie Lincoln’s job is all about improving the potential of Bailey Gatzert students.

With the hiring of Eddie Lincoln as Seattle University’s new Bailey Gatzert School Success Coordinator, the SU Youth Initiative is gaining momentum.

A 2005 SU alumnus, Lincoln grew up in the Rainier Valley, attended O’Dea High School and was named state basketball player of the year in 2000. He was SU basketball team captain from 2002 to 2004 and coached the SU team in 2005.

Success coordinator? Lincoln’s role is all about improving the potential of young children. He spends four days a week at Bailey Gatzert and one at SU.

ArrowHow challenging is it to have a job with two locations?

GreenArrow“I have to have a little patience. At SU, my role involves recruitment on campus, building lasting relationships with faculty, reaching out to student groups to get more volunteer tutors. The fact that SU has service-learning projects and students who really want to make change happen is amazing. And we at SU and our community partners have the ability to make lasting change in this community.”

“At Bailey Gatzert, Principal Greg Imel is very open and we’re building a relationship of trust. We’re starting with kindergartners and first graders. Step one in our partnership is to put a support network and structure in place for Gatzert students. Our goal is to have students excel academically. We want their scores to rival their counterparts across the district. Once they’ve achieved that academic feat, our next goal will be to find ways for them to surpass that standard. One step at a time, though.”

ArrowAfter the youngest, who’s next?

GreenArrow“Then the fifth graders to be sure they’re ready to transition to middle school. We want to make literacy and math entertaining yet educational. SU’s math department and Law School are helping with that.

“Over the summer, kids lose several months of what they’ve learned throughout the school year. This summer, we have a partnership with the YMCA for a program in academic enrichment.”

ArrowYou graduated from Houston’s Thurgood Marshall School of Law. What moved you to work with children?

GreenArrow“I began to realize the people who hurt most in our society are the children. If I can reach kids K-5, then middle school and then high school, there will be hundreds of kids who can shape our laws.

“Once you educate yourself, you can talk about social change in your community. You can educate that community and it snowballs. It’s long overdue.”

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