CMS Training


  • Editing Text


    This video is an example of how you would edit text on a Seattle University web page. Watch the video and then read the text below. 

    (If the video is too blurry, click the cog at the bottom of the video and choose a higher quality).

     Adding/Editing Text

    1. Go to the page you want to edit.
    2. Hover your mouse over the Silver Bullet next to the text you want to edit. (It only appears after logging in).
    3. Click Edit
    4. A Workspace Editor will open.
    5. Enter new text, edit text, or delete text.
    6. OPTIONAL:  Use the list of Styles, heading types, and other Editor features as needed to make the content attractive.
    7. If you are finished editing, click the Publish button.  If not, keep editing.