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Editing a Picture

Editing a Picture

  • Editing Pictures


    In this example, we will edit the picture we previously uploaded. We will designate where we want the picture located on the webpage and how much space we want between the text and the picture.



    Editing an Image


    1. To change the width/heightcharacteristics and align the image to the left or right of the text,right click the image and choose Set Image Properties.
    2. A window named Image Properties will appear.  You are then provided many different ways to edit your image
      • ALIGNMENT: To change the alignment of your picture in relation to the text, click the box to the right of the words Image Alignment.  Click the left or right box
      • SPACING:To provide an invisible border between the image and the text, which isrecommended, insert a number in the boxes next to the words HorizontalSpacing and Vertical Spacing.
      • SIZE: To change the size of the image, change the number in the box next to the word Width.
    3.  Click the OK button.
    4. The Workspace Editor will not display all the changes at first.  Click the Publish button to see all the final changes to the image. 
    5. Experiment with moving the image todifferent areas of the Workspace editor to see where the image fitsbest.