Center for Community Engagement
Academic Service-Learning


  • Can I work with an alternate organization?

    Please review the Service-Learning Alternate Organization Checklist for the necessary steps involved in working with an alternate organization. You must have approval from your professor to work with an alternate organization. 

    I’m in two service-learning classes. Can my service at one site count for both classes?

    Yes, as long as you have permission from the professors of both of your service-learning classes. Once you have obtained permission, email and we can help you.

    I missed the class orientation. What’s this all about?

    Be sure to read the Service-Learning Handbook and check out our classroom presentation to learn more about service-learning. Then see our Students page to learn about registering for a placement.

    I love my service. Can I keep working with the organization?

    We hope that you find a service opportunity that matches your passions and where you are interested in continuing to invest your time. As long as the organization welcomes your service, you can continue to work with the organization after your service-learning hours are complete. In fact, we’d love to see you make a year-long commitment to an organization.