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  • We welcome your submission of volunteer and internship opportunities!  Please look over our general guidelines and use this form to send us the required information. We post volunteer opportunities on our bi-monthly newsletter, Justice & Service.  Please submit opportunities at least 3 weeks prior to your opportunity's start date to ensure that we can include your opportunity in our newsletter at the appropriate time. The earlier, the better!  We can also post opportunities on our Facebook and Twitter accounts.  Please contact us with questions or concerns - (206) 296-2569;

    During the summer, the "Justice and Service" newsletter is not sent out on a regular basis. If we recieve a large amount of opportunities, we will send out an update.

    Guidelines for posting an opportunity:

    Who can post?

    Our listserv is called "Justice and Service." We find that a variety of opportunities come under that heading, such as tutoring kids or cleaning up parks. If you are not sure if your opportunity has a justice component, send us an email and ask! Please be clear about who is sponsoring the opportunity and who benefits from the service. Please note that we post opportunities for agencies, not individuals. For example, we'll post an opportunity to work with with Volunteer Chore Services, but we won't ask students to come and clean out your fridge!

    How do I post?

    Please just include a link to a website with information about your organization's volunteer opportunities.  If your organization's volunteer posts are not available through a link, please fill out the survey form below.  (A little background information on your agency or organization is helpful so that students can get an idea of who they will be working with and how they fit into the wider community. A few lines is usually enough to interest students without overwhelming them!)

    How long will my opportunity be posted?

    Two weeks, unless you specify otherwise by using the drop-down box at the end of the form. If you are trying to fill a specific position, such as an internship, please let us know when it is filled so that we don't keep posting! We will do our best to accomodate you, but please understand that we cannot post every event every week. All fields are required unless indicated

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