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Redhawk Leadership Summit FAQ

  • When is Redhawk Leadership Summit?  Redhawk Leadership Summit takes place from 10:00 am to 3 pm on Saturday, March 7.  Registration starts at 10:00 am and the first session at 10:30 am. 

    Where is Redhawk Leadership Summit?  Registration will be in Pigott Atrium and most sessions will take place in the Pigott Building, although some session will require a little walking.  If you have mobility needs that we should accomodate, let us know in advance.

    Who is Redhawk Leadership Summit for? Is it true that only positional leaders can go? This event is for EVERYONE.  We've separated this event from positional leader training, so if you're interested in the material, this is for you!

    What's the theme this year?  Our theme is, "Looking from the Inside Out: An Exploration of Emotional Intelligence". 

    Who are the speakers? Our keynote speaker is Hartley McGrath '02. Our other speakers will be announced once the application process is finalized.

    What is the dress code?  This is an informal event, so feel free to dress casually.  Jeans and a t-shirt are appropriate. 

    Will there be food?  We will serve lunch.  We try to plan for common food allergies with our menu, but be sure to let us know if you have needs so we can double check to make sure we have what you need.

    Is it free?  Redhawk Leadership Summit is free, but please note that late cancelations are suject to a fee of $20 (see below).

    What should I bring?  All you need is yourself and something to write with.

    What if I want to attend part of the day?  We do ask that participants attend the full program, but we also know that sometimes things come up.  If you want to attend part of the event, email Michelle Etchart with your request.  Please include the time you would like to attend and the reason for your request.  Because material builds throughout the day, we'll review your request and let you know what's possible. As long as it doesn't create an awkward situation for others, it's fine.

    I saw there's a fee if I cancel after a certain point.  What's that about?  We set this date based on when we need to make changes to the catering order with Bon Appetit.  The fee offsets the food and supplies purchased for you.  If you have an emergency, please contact Michelle Etchart and we may be able to waive the fee by sliding a "walk up" attendee in that place.  The sooner you contact us, the easier this will be.