Western Region Research Conference on the Education of Adults

Past Conferences

  •  AERC/WRRCEA 2010

    In June 2010, the Western Region Research Conference on the Education of Adults partnered with the Adult Education Research Conference (AERC) for the "First Annual Joint North American Conference" at California State University, Sacramento.  Professors, graduate students, researchers, teachers, trainers, and administrators gathered to share theory and practice on the education of adults. Topics included race, gender, language, class, socio-cultural and political factors, sexual orientation, social justice, perspective transformation, somatic learning, adult learning and development, participatory research, historical methods, program planning, and more.

  • WRRCEA 2009

    14 universities participated in WRRCEA 2009 held at Western Washington University in Bellingham, Washington in October of that year.  The 2009 conference examined the theme, "Together we grow: enriching communities through adult education," and featured Keynote Speaker Dr. Rosemary Caffarella of Cornell University.  Graduate students, faculty, and professionals in the field of Adult Education presented and discussed topics such as teaching and learning, social action, sustainability, conducting research in globalized contexts, educational equity, learning theories, e-learning, and more.

  • WRRCEA 2007

    Western Washington University held the first WRRCEA on campus in Bellingham, Washington in October, 2007.  The conference examined the role of social justice and the lifelong education of adults in a global world and featured Keynote Speaker Dr. Sharan Merriam of University of Georgia.  A special feature of the conference was a forum for graduate students, designed to help them make the transition from students to professional educators. There were also sessions on professional development, choosing a career path to educate adults, writing for publications, and conducting research.

  • It was inspirational to hear from both seasoned and budding scholars. Engaging with people who share my love of adult education reminds me that we can envision and create a more inclusive and sustainable world.

    Gail Goulet WRRCEA 2009 Participant and Doctoral Candidate