Writing Consultants

Writing Consultants

  • Our writing consultants are ready and eager to serve you! Trained as generalists, they enjoy working in all disciplines.
    We suggest finding a consultant you work best with and requesting that person specifically. If you can establish a relationship with your consultant, he or she will get to know your writing style and needs so that you may gain more from each visit.

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    2014-2015 Consultants


    Amanda Chavez

    Sophomore, International Studies/Spanish

    Hola! I'm Amanda Chavez, native of Santa Clara, CA. I am pursuing a double major in International Studies and Spanish with a minor in Creative Writing. I enjoy writing poetry and prose and believe wholeheartedly that storytelling fosters a compassionate connection unlike any other. I love watching documentaries, meditating, and performing, whether it's spoken word poetry or singing in Seattle U's all lady a cappella group Duly Noted. I look forward to my first year working in the Writing Center and strive to help work with my peers to communicate ideas effectively!


    Kasey Deems

    Sophomore, Creative Writing/History

    Hi everybody! I'm a sophomore Creative Writing and History major from Woodinville, WA, hoping to go into the sci-fi and fantasy publishing industry when I enter the real world. I write a lot, mostly within those two genres, and spend most of my money on books, especially when Neil Gaiman or Robin McKinley have new books out! I'm an avid fan of both Seattle Sounder FC and Liverpool FC, I listen to an extremely eclectic array of music, and I speak German almost fluently. I'm looking forward to meeting you all and helping you out at the WC!


    Emma DeFontes

    Senior, History


    Hey all. My name is Emma, and I'm a second year consultant and History major with minors in Japanese and Philosophy. I hail from Tualatin, Oregon, and after living in Seattle for three years have decided that I"m never going to leave the lovely Pacific Northwest because I cannot live in a place that's not green both literally and figuratively (cities that don't have municipal recycling programs make me anxious; yes, I am one of those people). In my free time, I mainly daydream, but I do enjoy reading sci-fi/fantasy and nonfiction. Occasionally, I summon the will to write some fiction of my own (so if you've got some creative writing you want to work on, please, don't be shy!). I also love to scope out restaurants on Capitol Hill with my friends. I'm happy to be returning to the Writing Center for a second year and look forward to working with you all!


    Sierra Fitch

    Senior, Humanities for Teaching


    Hi, I'm Sierra and this is my third year as a consultant, and second year as a Writing Center Webmaster. I've always thought that title made me sound like a wizard, but I actually just manage WC web content and our Facebook page (to "like" us, click here!). I'm majoring in Humanities for Teaching with a K-8 endorsement, and I just completed a study abroad program for my French minor (if you're wondering why you haven't seen me since January, I was in Paris eating baguettes and agonizing over French pronouns and articles).

    When I'm not working at the WC or contemplating what my post-grad life will be like, you can usually find me singing in the choir room, behind the counter at SUpercopy, making playlists in the KSUB studio where I have a weekly show, hanging out with Campus Ministry on retreats, searching for the perfect sweater at Value Village, eating a croque monsieur at Cafe Presse, or hanging out with my six housemates. I'm looking forward to a great final year with the Writing Center and I'm excited to work with all of you!


    Elise Helm

    Junior, Digital Design


    Hello! I'm Elise Helm, a second-year student from the glamorous suburb of Redmond, WA. I haven't declared yet, but I'm most likely going to be a Digital Design major. This is my first year as a Writing Center consultant. I hope to support communication and clarity through many approaches to writing. When I'm not working, you can expect me to be watching reality shows, exploring the coffee scene, singing in Chorale, questioning my commitment to an art career, and buying Nutella in bulk.I look forward to working together and pushing horizons in writing!

    By the way, don't be deceived by the straightforward spelling of my name. It's really pronounced AY-leez – stress on the first syllable, ends with a Z sound. It's basically like saying Hailey + z, but without the H. Don't worry, we'll work on it.


    Theda Hovind

    Senior, Humanities for Teaching


    Hi! My name is Theda Hovind and I am a senior in Matteo Ricci COllege. I am a Humanities for Teaching major and I hope to become an educator in almost anywhere other than a classroom (such as a museum, church, or public/theme park)! In my free time, I enjoy a plethora of activities, mostly encompassed in friends and my church community. I spend a lot of my time with the Well (and related groups) and also walking around our diverse and interesting neighborhood. This past year at school has spiked my interested in Victorian-era-set fiction, so I have been reading a lot of that genre in the spare time I have! I spent this last summer as a camp counselor at the Museum of Flight, getting to see Saturn, the Spruce Goose, and several astronauts (come see me for some interesting stories!). I cannot wait for another year in the Center and I cannot wait to meet you!


    Kimberly Ito

    Senior, Nursing


    Hi everyone! I am a senior nursing major from Bellevue, Washington. In my free time, I enjoy reading, doing yoga, and being with friends. I also love watching reality TV.


    Scott Lindquist

    Senior, English Literature

    Lindquist, Scott

    I'm originally from San Diego, California, but I now call Capitol Hill my home. As an English major, I am incredibly excited to work at the Writing Center. I see the opportunity to help others improve their writing as a chance to improve my own writing skills. In addition to my major, I am casually pursuing a minor in Studio Art. Writing and art are interests of mine because I think that they are two primary mediums for establishing a sense of self. While studying both English and Studio Art, I hope to discover more of who I am, and how my writing style and aesthetic help to define me as an individual. In addition, I hope to establish connections with those I work with by examining how their respective writing styles reflect who they are. I believe that there is room in college writing to convey a sense of individuality, and it is a goal of mine to bring that out in my work and the work of my future clients.


    Maddi Lynch


    My name is Maddi Lynch, and I am a sophomore International Business and Economics double major. I am a proud Colorado native, but I also love Seattle and the Pacific Northwest. My favorite things include Parks and Recreation, my golden retriever Max, all things Disney, Coldplay, and The Economist magazine. This is my first year as a Writing Consultant, and I am very excited to learn from everyone who walks into the Writing Center.

    Taylor Martino

    Hi! My name is Taylor Martino and I come from the small town of Oak Park, California. I grew up in this small bubble north of Los Angeles and inland from Malibu, and decided to venture up north for the amazing city, Seattle! Here in Seattle, I am a sophomore nursing student and this is my first year as a Writing Center Consultant! I have a passion for reading and writing and learning more about the world, others, and myself. I love to listen to music (of all types) and play soccer and lacrosse with friends. I also volunteer as much as possible at nearby schools to tutor students for English and reading/writing. I'm excited to start working as a Writing Center Consultant and look forward to working with other SU students!


    Julia McGee 

    Sophomore, Nursing


    Hi! My name is Julia McGee and I'm a sophomore nursing student. I'm originally from Palo Alto, California, but now I proudly call Seattle my home. When I'm not in class or studying, I like to walk by the waterfront, go to concerts, and eat as much dessert as I can find. I also like to watch tv shows and read. Currently I am working my way through A Song of Fire and Ice series so I'll be all caught up for Game of Thrones return in the spring. This is my first year as a consultant and I am very excited to be part of the writing center!


    Alex Mullen

    Senior, Creative Writing & Film Studies


    Hello there, my name is Alex (statistically you ought to know something like 1.5-3 Alex's, so the name shouldn't be a problem), and I am so glad to be back for my second year at the Writing Center. Coming from a military family, I can't really say where I"m from, but I've lived long enough in Washington to call it my home. Currently (and hopefully I am studying Film and Creative Writing here at sunny SU, and thoroughly enjoying both (the studies, not the sun - that part was a joke). 

    Unsurprisingly, I love watching films (and the odd TV show...ok, ok, a lot of TV shows), listening to audio books, enjoying good food, having good conversations with friends, and using way too many parentheses in personal documents (some of these at the same time, others...less so). In all seriousness though, the Writing Center is an amazing place, and I hope you have as much fun there as I do. 

    Hannah Rips

    Sophomore, English

    Hello! My name is Hannah, and I am a sophomore English major (as well as a transfer student!) from Los Angeles, California. I’m passionate about history, literature, 90s hip-hop music, Breaking Bad, Molly Moon’s Ice Cream…. and of course, helping others discovers their voice through writing. Since I love to make people laugh, I do my best to offer a stress-free, happy, and fun experience for all the students that I work with. I believe that anyone can be a good writer, and nothing makes me happier than watching a student discover that they have a hidden talent for expression. I am very excited for this upcoming year!


    Megan Rogers

    Senior, Liberal Studies

    Megan Rogers

    I am a junior Liberal Studies major with minors in Biology and Chemistry, which include classes that factor into the prerequisite coursework for medical school. I am primarily interested in medicine, but I also have aspirations of working in international public health.

    I am new to the writing center, so I am excited to have the opportunity to work with new people and experience writing in a different way.

    Outside of school, I love to travel, play music, and read. I am also eternally devoted to my cat, who is perfect, but, sadly, he lives in Portland with my parents.


    Raveena Sajjan

    Senior, English & Women and Gender Studies


    Hi! I'm Raveena Sajjan, a senior at Seattle U from Bellingham, WA. I am an English and Women and Gender Studies double major. I was born in California and mostly grew up in England until I moved to Bellingham, WA to finish my last two years of high school. I am so glad that I can say this is my fourth year both at Seattle U and as a member of the WC Staff. I worked as a receptionist for the first two years and I am now going into my second year of consulting! Even though I have always identified as a "writer" it wasn't until I started using the Writing Center that I realized there is no 'right' way to...write. The Writing Center has helped me understand that writing is an art rather than just a task where individuals can explore their sense of individuality and bring it out through both academic and non-academic pieces of work. For that reason alone, I can't wait to help all the new and returning students make use of the Writing Center services while also using this opportunity to grow as a writer myself. Over the years, the Writing Center has truly become one of my safe spaces on campus and I hope I will have the chance to work with you so you eventually feel the same!


    Emma Scott

    Sophomore, Economics, History, Philosophy

    Hello everyone! My name is Emma and I am an Econ/ History double major with a minor in Philosophy. I was born in St. Louis, Missouri, but grew up in the rainy island town of Ketchikan, Alaska. You can most likely find me dancing in a studio or watching the newest films when I'm not in class. I absolutely love Seattle, and I like to spend my time here exploring the city or reading in coffee shops. It is my first year here at the Writing Center, and I am excited to help others with their writing skills while learning about different writing styles and improving my own writing! 


    Alex Thomas

    Junior, History & Theology


    Hi! My name is Alex Thomas and I'm a History and Theology & Religious Studies double major hoping to eventually pursue a career in United Methodist Christian Ministry. I'm originally from a suburb right in between Washington D.C. and Baltimore, Maryland. When people ask me why I decided to go to a college across the country, I explain to them just how much I absolutely love the city of Seattle and SU. When I'm not at the Writing Center or in class, I may be at some Campus Ministry event (particularly The Well) or exploring the city, particularly all of the spectacular restaurants and coffee shops around Capitol Hill. I'll be studying abroad in Ghana during fall quarter, but I'm looking forward to returning to the WC for winter and spring quarters!


    Anya Vindla

    Sophomore, Political Science

    Hi! My name is Anya and I'm a Sophomore Political Science major here at Seattle U. I was born across the pond in England, and grew up in sunny San Jose, California before coming to Seattle for university. This is my first year as a consultant and I am so excited to become a part of the Writing Center. Apart from writing and reading, I enjoy traveling, watching and discussing ice hockey, fawning over dogs, and sipping a hot cup of tea accompanied by a warm scone. Here's to a wonderful school year!


    Madeline Williams

    Senior, English/Creative Writing & History


    My name is Madeline Williams, and I’m a senior from Southern California. I’m double majoring in History and English with a Medieval Studies minor, and this will be my third year as a writing consultant. I love reading and writing, of course, but I spend my (rare-ish) spare time watching particularly goofy film noir or MST3K, listening to Joni Mitchell, trying to get people to like medieval literature, and telling bad jokes (dad jokes). I like useless lists, hedgehog figurines, and parallel structure. I’m very fond of the Writing Center, and I’m looking forward to making my last year a fantastic one.


    Sam Wolff

    Junior, Political Science

    My name is Sam. I’m a first year writing consultant and a junior majoring in political science. I’m from Everett, WA, although I’ve also lived in Okinawa and Hawaii. I enjoy brisk autumn afternoons, coffee, and goldfish (the snack, not the fish). My favorite character from The Office is Kevin Malone. I’m a dog person (as opposed to a cat person) and prefer cold weather to warm weather. In my free time, I enjoy climbing rocks. I also like writing.


    Shan Yonamine

    Sophomore, Premajor Studies




    My name is Shan Yonamine and I am a sophomore enrolled in the Premajor Studies program. I am hoping to transition into the Albers School of Business and Economics this year. I was born and raised on the beautiful island of Oahu, Hawaii, but I love attending college in Seattle! This is my first year as a Writing Consultant and I am so excited to be able to connect with and serve my fellow students! I will also be working as a Desk Assistant in the Murphy apartments and as a Programming Chair of the Residence Hall Association Executive Council. I look forward to another amazing school year at SU! 

    About Writing Consultants

    To prepare for employment, new writing consultants take a five-credit course: English 390: Tutoring Writing: Theory and Practice. As its name suggests, the course involves training in both writing center theory and practice. Central to the course, each consultant writes a narrative exploring his or her growth as a writer and conducts a major research project to investigate an aspect of learning, writing, or writing center work.

    Frequently consultants present their writing center research at regional or national confernces. As members of a lively learning community, consultants continue to develop through their time working in the Writing Center, regularly taking part in staff meetings and workshops.


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