Writing Consultants

Writing Consultants

  • Our writing consultants are ready and eager to serve you! Trained as generalists, they enjoy working in all disciplines.
    We suggest finding a consultant you work best with and requesting that person specifically. If you can establish a relationship with your consultant, he or she will get to know your writing style and needs so that you may gain more from each visit.

    Stop by or call to make an appointment today!

    2015-2016 Consultants  

    Amanda Chavez

    Junior, International Studies and Spanish


    Hola! I'm Amanda Chavez, born and raised in the California bay area. I am pursuing a double major in International Studies and Spanish with a minor in Creative Writing. I enjoy writing poetry and prose and believe that storytelling fosters compassionate connection. I am passionate about social justice, especially in relation to people of color and LGBTQ people in the world at large, the country, and at Seattle University. I look forward to beginning my second year consulting with the students of Seattle U. My goal is to make academic writing accessible to all students and to give others the tools they need to succeed.

    Kasey Deems

    Senior, Creative Writing and History


    Hi everybody! I'm a senior Creative Writing and History major, in my second year as a WC Consultant and currently serving as the Webmaster Chair. I am fast approaching success in my dream of becoming a stereotypical cat lady, complete with a tendency to make very weird noises over pictures of cats and to spend too much time in Twice Sold Tales, but in the Real World™ I hope to either go into academia or enter the publishing industry, specifically within the fantasy/sci fi genre, to work as an editor. Places where you'll most likely spot me include the Byte at 1am, out volunteering with Alpha Phi Omega, Centurylink whenever the Sounders are playing, Kaladi Bros coffee writing or pretending to write, or in the Writing Center (shocker). I look forward to meeting you all and working with you in the Center!

    Hailey Hackett

    Sophomore, Strategic Communications and Spanish


    Hi all! My name is Hailey Hackett and I’m a Strategic Communications and Spanish double major from Silver Spring, Maryland. I’m a busy bee with big dreams so while I’m not working or studying, I’m usually out exploring the possibilities of the world whether that be wandering around Seattle in search of the perfect cup of coffee or discussing the reasons behind why the world is the way it is with my closest friends. Despite the hustle and bustle in my life I love to take the time to find beauty in the least expected places and even more so I love capturing them on film. One day I hope to find the perfect way to combine all my interests into a career and possibly travel the world with a camera and a notebook in order to make a documentary. I’m looking forward to working with all of you at the Writing Center.

    Jane Kidder

    Junior, English Literature

    Hello my fellow Seattle U students! My name is Jane Kidder and I am so honored and excited to be a member of the Writing Center team this year! I am a junior English literature major and writing studies minor. I am from Seattle and love spending time with my huge local family. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time outdoors, dancing, working with animals, and crafting and sewing. I am passionate about writing and truly believe in the power of honing our writing skills to profoundly benefit our lives. I look forward to working closely with all of you this year!

    Lukas Kret

    Sophomore, Political Science


    Hi! I’m Lukas Kret. I am a sophomore Poly-Sci major and this year will be my first year working as a Consultant. I’m from Santa Fe, New Mexico, and I absolutely love to talk about my home (come visit sometime!). I have also lived in Tennessee, Ohio, and Wisconsin. I love coffee, music, and good conversations. I love getting to know new people, so never hesitate to say hi if you see me! In my free time I like to play Frisbee, hang out with my friends, or watch re-runs of Arrested Development. I cannot wait to get started working at the Writing Center not only to improve my writing, but also the writing of my peers. Hopefully I will see you there! 

    Maddi Lynch

    Junior, International Business and Economics 


    My name is Maddi Lynch and I am a proud Colorado native. I came to Seattle U because I loved the Jesuit mission and I wanted to go to a school that would challenge me intellectually and spiritually. I am an International Business and Economics double major, and I am minoring in French and International Studies. I love traveling, having interesting conversations, and getting to know my residents as a Resident Assistant at SU. I enjoy working at the Writing Center, because I get to meet an incredible variety of SU students and read about countless interesting topics. My mission as a consultant is to help every client leave with a little more confidence in their ability to write effectively and passionately on any subject.

    Taylor Martino

    Junior, Nursing


    My name is Taylor Martino, and I am from the small town of Oak Park, California. I am a junior nursing student and this is my second year as a Writing Center Consultant. I am super excited to return to the Writing Center this year and help students improve on their writing skills, communication, and development of their inner voice. I'm an early riser, probably because the smell of my morning coffee is more favorable than the extra sleep to me! But I'm also a night owl and when I'm not studying or working, I'm with friends or endlessly watching Gilmore Girls and Disney movies. I am very excited for this year and look forward to working with all SU students!

    Kristen McFadden

    Senior, Creative Writing


    Hey everybody! My name is Kristen McFadden. I hail from many places (my favorite was Honolulu!) but I spent most of my growing up years in San Diego, California and I now call Capitol Hill home. I am a senior English and creative writing major and this is my first year as a writing consultant. When I'm not writing short stories or poems I enjoy dying my hair, eating tasty food, knitting, and dog watching on the Union Green. I am excited to be a part of a community that values writing as much as I do, and I can't wait to work with you all and get you pumped to put pens to paper (or more accurately, fingers to keyboards)! 

    Julia McGee 

    Junior, Nursing

     julia 2nd year

    Hi! My name is Julia McGee and I'm a junior nursing student. I'm originally from Palo Alto, California, but now I call Seattle my home. When I'm not in class or studying, I like to walk by the waterfront, go to concerts, and eat as much dessert as I can find. I also like to watch tv shows and read. This is my second year as a consultant.

    Michaela Petherick

    Sophomore, Business and Law


    Hi, my name is Michaela Petherick and I am a Business & Law major. I am a native of Seattle and a first year writing consultant. I am very excited to begin working with everyone! As a Business and Law major, I love to argue and writing arguments, but to be honest history is my real passion. Come to me with anything involving the medieval and renaissance period you will make my day. I also love traveling, especially to Europe, so please tell me about any exciting trips you have planned. I may be covered in dog hair at any given time. My yellow lab somehow still gets my clothes covered in college. I’m looking forward to an exciting new year and lots of new amazing people. 

    Hannah Rips

    Junior, English

     hannah r

    Hello! I’m Hannah and I’m a junior English Literature major with a double minor in Writing Studies and Accounting. I’m originally from triple-digit hot weather—Pasadena, California. My hobbies enjoy avoiding Parmesan cheese (I’m severely allergic), reading about ancient Rome, playing with my Australian shepherd, watching Grey’s Anatomy (in hopes that I somehow become Christina Yang….) and of course, spending time in the Writing Center! Not only do I enjoy looking at students’ papers, but I like to bring in my own papers, too. The Writing Center is a special place, and I look forward to this upcoming year! 

    Melissa Schade

    Junior, English and Philosophy


    Hey Friends! I’m a Junior English Lit and Philosophy double major from San Leandro, CA, and this is my first year as a Writing Center Consultant (I’m stoked—do people still say stoked?)! College is hard. But music makes it easier! I play trombone and baritone and regularly jam inside my head. When I’m not writing essays, writing essays, or writing essays (college am I right?) you may find me cheering on the SF Giants, highlighting entire books, wrestling in the MAT room, or laughing way too loudly in the Byte (yeah, that’s me). I can’t wait to work with you all—so come on over and let’s have a great time!

    Garrett Solberg

    Sophomore, Philosophy and Political Science


    Hello, my name is Garrett Solberg and I'm a sophomore Philosophy and Political Science Major at the moment. I grew up in San Diego, California but left to escape the sun. I love film, reading, mixed martial arts, playing music, and yelling at the screen during Game of Thrones. My current hobby is petting the many dogs that frequent our SU walkways.

    Hana Stodder

    Sophomore, History and Political Science


    Hi there! My name is Hana, and I am a second year here at SU. I am proud to call Redondo Beach, California my true home, and despite the rain Seattle has become a close second. I am a History and Political Science double major with a Philosophy minor—three things that I hope will work in tandem to prepare me for the daunting peril that is law school. I love studying the past and the present closely to discover the inner workings of the society we live in, and use mistakes that we made to help build a better future. Writing is integral to this process, and I love working with students to show them the impact that their ideas and words can make once presented in the right light. If I am not in the Writing Center, you can catch me reading any of the required texts from the Honors Program, adventuring downtown for the best food I can find (The Crumpet Shop and Dahlia Bakery are some of my favorites), watching The Office, or FaceTiming my boyfriend or two-year-old brother from back home. I am very excited to start this upcoming year!

    Alex Thomas

    Senior, History and Theology

      alex t

    Hola! My name is Alex and I'm a History and Theology & Religious Studies double major hoping to eventually pursue a career in United Methodist Christian ministry. I also have a minor in Global African Studies, the credits for which I managed to attain while studying abroad in Accra, Ghana during the fall of 2014. I grew up in a wonderful suburb right in between Washington D.C. and Baltimore, MD, but I absolutely love the rainy beauty of the Pacific Northwest. When I'm not at the Writing Center or in class, you can probably find me in the Campus Ministry office working as the Student Campus Minister for Retreats. I try to bring a Leslie Knope type of spirit to the Writing Center, something that I will be continuing during my third and final year as a consultant. Also, my favorite Harry Potter book+movie is a toss up between the Prisoner of Azkaban and the Half Blood Prince, but I'm always happy to discuss the finer qualities of all Harry Potter books+movies. 

    Paige Treff

    Sophomore, Psychology and Criminal Justice


    Hi everyone! My name’s Paige and I’m a sophomore and a first-year Writing Center consultant. I’m a Psychology and Criminal Justice with a Forensic Psychology specialization dual-degree (phew—that’s a mouthful) from Chico, Ca. My activities include swimming (Go SU Women’s Swimming!), napping, reading, coloring, binge watching crime shows on Netflix, and spending time with the crazy group of people I call my friends. I’m an avid cat lover, and spend much more time than is healthy taking Buzzfeed quizzes (so if you’re looking for a quiz to tell you which Scottish celebrity you should marry, I’m your girl!). I’m looking forward to working with you all in the Writing Center! 

    Anya Vindla

    Junior, Political Science

    Hi! My name is Anya and I'm a Junior Political Science major here at Seattle U. I was born across the pond in England, and grew up in sunny San Jose, California before coming to Seattle for university. This is my second year as a consultant and I am so excited to be a part of the Writing Center. Apart from writing and reading, I enjoy traveling, watching and discussing ice hockey, fawning over dogs, and sipping a hot cup of tea accompanied by a warm scone. Here's to a wonderful school year!

    Sam Wolff

    Senior, Political Science


    My name's Sam and I work here. I like to write and stuff. I climb in my free time and my favorite food is spam. I look forward to working with you!

    Rachel Wong

    Senior, Creative Writing


    Hi there! My name is Rachel Wong and I am a senior pursuing a degree in Creative Writing. I was born and raised in the lovely city of Portland, Oregon, but now I have embraced Seattle as my new home! When my face isn't completely glued to a novel, you can usually find me doing one of three things: rowing with the Seattle University Women's Rowing team, exploring the mountains via hiking trails, or living it up as a daycare staff supervisor on the weekends. I'm also easily captivated by animated movies, bands that use metaphors in their lyrics, and dogs of all shapes and sizes. This is my first year in the Writing Center and I'm pumped like you wouldn't believe! Come say hi. We can talk about writing.

    Shan Yonamine

    Junior, Premajor Studies

      shan 2nd year

    My name is Shan Yonamine and I am a Junior studying Strategic Communications. This is my second year working as a Consultant and I love being a part of the Writing Center community. In addition to being a Consultant, I am also a Desk Assistant in the Murphy Apartments. My class/work schedule keeps me pretty busy throughout the year but in my free time I love to explore Seattle, try new restaurants and go shopping.

     About Writing Consultants

    To prepare for employment, new writing consultants take a five-credit course: English 390: Tutoring Writing: Theory and Practice. As its name suggests, the course involves training in both writing center theory and practice. Central to the course, each consultant writes a narrative exploring his or her growth as a writer and conducts a major research project to investigate an aspect of learning, writing, or writing center work.

    Frequently consultants present their writing center research at regional or national conferences. As members of a lively learning community, consultants continue to develop through their time working in the Writing Center, regularly taking part in staff meetings and workshops.


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