Wellness and Health Promotion


  • Adeline Guina
    Adeline Guina
    Hello friends! My name is Adeline Guina and I am a sophomore Nursing major from Whidbey Island, WA. Other than HAWC, I enjoy laughing, being with friends, good food, and sleeping! You can find me on campus with United Filipino Club, studying and walking everywhere, or in Bellarmine Hall. I am passionate about the health and wellness of myself and my peers and as a Peer Health Educator, I hope to share that with you all! 
  • Renae Russel
    Renae Russel

    Hi! My name is Renae Russell and I am currently a big bad senior majoring Sports and Exercise Science. I am from Orange County California and decided to make the long trek to Seattle because of my love for the city, rain, and coffee. Outside of school, you will find me playing soccer on the SU women’s team, reading, enjoying nature, watching Netflix, or spending time with my friends. I joined HAWC because I am interested in all aspects of human health and am excited to learn more and share my interests with others! 

  • Ciara Carucci
    Ciara Carucci
    Greetings! My name is Ciara (pronounced see-air-uhh) and I’m a senior wrapping up my BA degree with a major in Marketing and a double minor in Sociology and Entrepreneurship. My time as a student at Seattle University has been spent finding new routes to and from school on my daily commute from home, actively trying to connect with as many people as possible via clubs, events, and retreats, and no-longer-so-frequent outings around Capitol Hill. I work part-time as a nanny for a family, with multiple generations of Seattle University pride. In my down time I enjoy playing with my hamster or my boyfriend’s Chihuahua, people watching, and sleeping. I’m a sucker for a good pun, and I have a soft spot for green eyes. Throughout this year, I hope to become an advocate for both sexual assault and suicide prevention and leave an impact on the SU community. For me, health and wellness means finding a balance for stress and relaxation and being mindful of how they impact one another. 
  • Courtney Yotter
    Courtney Yotter

    Hey guys! My name is Courtney Yotter and I'm a General Science major with a minor in Psychology. I'm a Senior transfer student from Tacoma, Washington. My dream is to go to Physician Assistant postgraduate program and work in the medical field. In my free time, I like to be playing with my goldendoodle, reading research journals, and doing yoga. This is my first year on HAWC, and I'm excited to engage with students to learn about healthy relationships, mental health, and nutrition. While the idea of wellness differs between each individual, I think it's important to approach it holistically and understand your own needs.


  • Ingrid de Anda
    Ingrid de Anda
    Well hello! My name is Ingrid de Anda! I’m a second year Marketing major, international business minor from San Jose, CA. As a first year on HAWC, I’m rather stoked to form new bonds with my fellow HAWC members. Also, I’m pretty pumped to reach out to the SU community with the hopes that all will be able to attain a balance of inner and outer wellbeing. Out of the office, I’m about that bouldering lyfe as well as enjoying taking photographs, going on OAR trips, catching falling leaves, and loving dolphins—all things that I consider important for self care. 
  • Jane Hunter
    Jane Hunter
    Hello fellow Redhawks! My name is Jane Hunter and this is my first year on HAWC. I’m a sophomore in the pre-major program but I’m thinking of going into business. I’m from Bellevue, WA but grew up mainly in Louisville, CO. I enjoy volunteering, watching movies and television shows, baking, eating, swimming, playing with dogs, laughing, telling jokes, dancing like nobody is watching and having adventures around the city. This year I hope to help raise awareness on mental health and any issues that can arise from mental health. I also will be excited to work on the smoke free campus campaign! For me, I think that good health should encompass the entire mind, body and spirit. 
  • Kara Ortbal
    Kara Ortbal
    Kara is a senior Humanities for Teaching major with minors in Nonprofit Leadership and Social Welfare in her third year on the Health and Wellness Crew. She is especially passionate about sexual assault prevention and loves finding new ways to do this work at Seattle University. When she’s not working one of her three jobs, Kara enjoys good food with good company, scoping out thrift stores, and refinishing various pieces of furniture.
  • Kelsea Shannon
    Kelsea Shannon
    Hey, hi, hello! I'm Kelsea, a loud, dramatic, and dedicated member of HAWC. I am also often identified as a senior political science major who loves spending time abroad. This is my third year on the Crew and I think I like it. I am passionate about educating my peers about sexual health and consent in a Jesuit context, and I am hoping to follow through with this passion in grad school! When I'm not talking about all the amazing things we can do to create healthy and rewarding relationships, you can find me riding horses, watching Anthropologie candles burn, sitting by the water, practicing yoga, or eating pretentious food. Come say hi to me and the rest of the team! Let's talk about spirituality, sexuality, and life's other anomalies!
  • KJ Jaurez
    KJ Jaurez

    Whattup, Redhawks? While my legal name is Katarina Juarez, I tend to go by KJ. I'm a senior Psychology major from Los Alamos, New Mexico (home of the atomic bomb). This is my third year as a member of HAWC, so I guess I sort of like being a peer health educator. Aside from school, I enjoy working with children, watching terrible movies, listening to KidsBop, tweeting, drinking iced coffee, hiking, taking photographs, and being generally overwhelming. My personal goals are to watch every Disney Channel Original Movie, attend The Gathering of the Juggalos 2015, and meet Guy Fieri. In the upcoming year, I hope to spread awareness about sexual assault and sexual health in order to engage and educate students in both their own personal health and the health of their peers. To me, a proper understanding of Health and Wellness means balance among the different facets of well being. When we are in tune with ourselves physically and emotionally, we are able to maintain a solid foundation for ourselves and be the best humans that we can be. 


  • Sheri Soo
    Sheri Soo
    Hello there! My name is Sherilynn Soo and I am a second-year HAWC member.  I am currently a junior working towards a degree in Biology and double minors in Psychology and Chemistry.  With that, I hope to pursue a career in the medical field by applying to M.D. and/or PhD programs after graduation.  Besides obsessing about science and corgis, I enjoy eating, drinking coffee, being around friends and family and lying in my bed with lots of candles lit.  This year in HAWC, I hope to create more relationships between the office and students and strengthen the ones that already exist.  I believe that HAWC has something for everybody and hope to see more reoccurring faces!
  • Sydney Dale
    Sydney Dale
    Hey there! My name is Sydney and I’m a newbie to HAWC this year. I’m a senior studying Sports and Exercise Science, and hope to go to grad school to study Sport Nutrition in the near future. If I’m not studying, working or doing work for my awesome HAWC team, you can find me reading, drinking too much coffee, or attempting to be a five star chef. I’m also a group fitness instructor at University Recreation and love being active in general! Whether it’s going for a long run or dancing in my living room, I’m a huge fan. I joined HAWC to help students improve their wellbeing, and to advocate for healthy living. I’m so excited to apart of a team that seeks balance in physical, mental and spiritual health. 
  • Victoria Thompson
    Victoria Thompson

    Hey! My name is Victoria Thompson and I’m a junior at SU studying Public Affairs and Psychology. After college, I’m planning to pursue a career in public health and/or behavioral health. I grew up in Colorado but my family and I now live in the Seattle area and love it! Outside of school, I love painting, journaling, spending time with my friends, reading, and going on adventures in Seattle. As a first-year member on HAWC, I hope to build relationships and empower students at SU to take control over their personal health by being a trusted resource on health-related topics. I’m really looking forward to seeing our exciting work come into play this year through the wide variety of events we have planned for our students! 


  • Winnie Chan
    Winnie Chan
    Hello, hello! My name is Winnie Chan. I am a sophomore Political Science major born and raised in the great city of San Francisco, California (I must say, however, that Seattle has been a wonderful home away from home). This is my first year as a member of HAWC. In my free time, you will most likely find me rocking out to John Mayer and Coldplay, spending time with friends, tweeting, doodling, reading autobiographies of inspirational famous people, or watching movies and shows on TV and Netflix. I joined HAWC because I believe that mental health is a super important aspect of a person’s overall health that is too often overlooked. I really hope that as a peer health educator this year, I can learn and share new ways to stay both physically and mentally healthy. Always be the best you can be, and be well, friends!