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  • Sunny Days

     Sunny days, sweeping the clouds away! On my way to where the air is sweet!

    Can you tell me how to get--

    How to get rid of this cold?

    I've been struck hard with a nasty case of the common cold, one that has been long overdue for a endlessly busy person like myself. My exploding sineses, paradoxically stuffy and simultaneously drippy nose, tearing eyes, dry lips, and cold sweats are so not the business, especially in ironic contrast to the great weather Seattle's summoning. I would be the only person to catch such a crazy cold--expectant of typical winter weather--when it's 70 degrees out and the sun sizzles your skin to a nice crispy toasty warmth. It's not like I'm used to tropical-like weather, or any thing of the sort. -__-

    But who's complaining? I love this weather: the rays on my face; the breeze in my long-flowing hair; the sound of leaves rustling in the wind...Long walks on the beach.

    To add insult to injury, I am not only  plagued by this cold conveniently during the best weather conditions ever--but it's also midterm time. One huge-mungous gigantorous biggestest research paper due tomorrow as well as two fat midterms, each an hour apart.

    I laugh in the face of danger HAH HAH HA!

    I've got a store of tissue paper, a bottle of water, and loads of DayQuil--arsenol's at the ready.



    So. Much. Win.


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