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  • It's Beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

    Ah, the holidays. I love them. Family, friends, Winter Break, food, Winter Break, love, Winter Break....um....Winter Break.


    Thanksgiving was amazing. There's always Thanksgiving potlucks among college friends if you're wondering how you'll be able to feast, but since my sister lives 30 minutes south of the school, I spend Thanksgiving with her, my mother, my brother who flies up every year from Arizona, and our cousins who have recently been stationed an hour north. It's funny how life works. I set out to Seattle to experience a culture and lifestyle beyond the islands--what better time than during the college years?--and yet, I am still surrounded by family. I love it. I wouldn't want it any other way.


    Otherwise, I do live in my own apartment, independent. I'm growing at a normal college student rate, and it's great. I wash my own clothes and dishes, pay my rent and electricity, check my bills and my accounts, all like a pro. "Toot, toot," if you know what I mean.


    But the rest of the holidays are fast-approaching, and as much as I love Thanksgiving, Christmas has just as much (though, maybe even more) food and quadruple the amount of family. Ok, so I like the presents, too. And pictures with Santa. Give me a break--just because I'm a college junior, doesn't mean I can't revel happily with my inner child.


    Speaking of breaks, I could use one. Thanksgiving break is always a refreshing teaser, a blissful 5 day weekend before the storm of hell week (pre-finals). One last week of school--the cramming of projects, the overviews for finals, the last chance to turn in revised papers for extra credit--leads you into one of the best weeks of school: finals. Trust me. Unlike crazy midterms, you have no classes meddling in between your exams. You don't have meetings. You don't have club duties. You don't have homework (for the most part). You don't have class. Just three separate finals to focus on, and some only lasting 1.5 hours.


    Then, you have winter break.


    I would love to go back home, feel the warmth of the sun, dive into the ocean, and lie on the sand. I've been in Seattle all summer and throughout fall quarter, and it's high time I head back home for a little refresher with my little cousins and with my father. It's high time I pay tribute to the place that raised me before I start the second quarter of my junior year. But first, finals. Wish me luck!


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