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  • Let it Snow!

    Honestly. Really. I'm not kidding. My co-worker Beth--the most awesomest bestest wonderfullest (most sickest at the moment) girl ever-er--doesn't believe me, but it happened.


    It snowed yesterday.


    November 14th, 2011, at 12:20pm just outside the the Administration building after English 254, a little Hawaiian girl let out a piercing shriek and nearly dropped her books at the sight of little white specks falling from the sky.


    It lasted for about two minutes, but hey, it was there.


    And it's scheduled to snow in the Seattle area this Saturday--yes, scheduled. Don't mock my infatuation with what NW natives would consider a "pitiful excuse for snow." Honestly, I could easily say the same for anyone who's jumping up and down for a little bump on the ocean's surface, a sad excuse for a wave; however, beauty is beauty is beauty, and no matter how many times a person experienced "real snow" and no matter how many times a person experienced "real waves," such beauty should always be appreciated, cherished. Don't take anything for granted. Appreciate all the little things in life. Enjoy every moment. [Insert cheesy (but true!) cliche here].


    A snowy Saturday would be a perfect back drop for Fall Ball--Seattle University's annual prom-esque event that's always held at some amazing place in the city. Freshmen year--Seattle Aquarium (with the touching tank open and a few exhibits lighted just for us). Sophomore year--EMP, Experience Music Project. This year--SAM, Seattle Art Museum.




    The very next day, at a bright 7am, I'll be working again with my co-worker Beth and all the other Student to Student Representatives for Fall Preview Day round II! See you there? Maybe this time I'll just come in with my Fall Ball outfit, bubbly bright blue dress and all.


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