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  • Fall Foward

    Daylight Savings never ceases to amaze me.


    I woke up thinking I had slept in until 10am on Sunday...but, lo and behold, it was actually 9am! I walked around my one bedroom apartment and changed the clocks on the oven, microwave, and desk--It was like flying home to Hawai'i and winding back the clock by three whole hours. It was like flying home from Japan and gaining an entire day! It was like travelling back in time...


    But, to the future! Tomorrow night I'm working as Blogger Press at the Goodwill Glitter Gala, an annual event dedicated to showcasing the luxurious Goodwill finds (think vintage, prada, chanel, and the like) and raising money to benefit Goodwill's educagtion program. In other words, it's an amazing fashion show dedicated towards funding amazing people who are helping equally amazing people independently finance their lives and families. In short, it's amazing.


    On Thursday, I'll be backstage at Goodwill, snapping photos at the Blogger Sneak Peek for Goodwill's weekend Glitter Sale!


    • Sneak peek: sneak a peek of the lavish clothes from the show and also in storage that will be made affordable for the everyday bargain-hunter and sold at a fraction of the original cost at the Glitter Sale.
    • Glitter Sale: a frenzy of bargain-hunters and style shoppers trying on clothes in the middle of the store and people buying mountains and mountains of clothing.


    Before the Goodwill sale, though, I'll be hitting up Value Village on Veteran's day to take advantage of their "entire store 50% off!" sale with my friends at an early bird 7am. After that adventure, I'll be heading over to Full Life Care with Hui 'O Nani Hawai'i (the Hawai'i club) to make lei and dance hula with the members. I love going to Full Life Care and sharing our Hawaiian culture with its members--they're always so happy to have us and ready to get involved in activities. Its so heart-warming to see their smiles and laughter and to know that you had a part in making that happen; even if it was a small part, it was a part, nonetheless. And that makes the biggest difference.


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