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  • Halloween at SU

    Happy Belated Halloween!


    Seattle University students take Halloween very seriously. Although we students celebrate the Friday and Saturday before Halloween (since Halloween was so conveniently placed on Monday, of all school days), we still showed our spooky spirits all throughout the weekend and in the middle of class. I mean, we had astronauts and fully-dressed-for-game-day hockey players strutting around campus all throughout the--somewhat oddly--sunny day on Monday, October 31st. I had two zombie princesses complete with sunken black eyes and tortured hair in my early morning English class (and by early I mean 10:55am). Speaking of English, Dr. Roberts assigned Edgar Allen Poe's "The Raven" and "The Tell-Tale Heart" over the weekend as her way of honoring the spooky spirit. Let me tell thee this: Horror movies have nothing on horror stories...the suspense...the gore...the description playing out in your overactive imagination...the thoughts of a criminal right before your eyes...the deception...the crime...just don't read in the dark...




    Later on that evening I saw Optimus Prime in full autobot form walking through the library alongside a life-size teddy bear.


    In further news of dressing up, Fall Ball is right around the corner, set for November 19th at the SAM; yes, it's going to be at the Seattle Art Museum. I won't be dressing as Pikachu for this weekend as I did the last, so a prom-esque dress rather than a yellow jump suit and an up-do rather than a Pikachu spirit hood will have to do. I didn't go to Fall Ball last year, but my freshmen year was incredible; it was at the Seattle Aquarium. Animals. Sea. Music. Dancing. I felt like Ariel at one of Sebastian's raging undersea concerts.


    Uh 1, 2, uh 1, 2, 3, 4!



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