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  • Great Weekend--Including Monday



    This past Friday kicked off an amazing weekend. Granted, I took an exam for Marketing, but I felt quite giddy about it. Giddy. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Anyway, I raced home after my midterm to prepare for the long list of Hui 'O Nani Hawai'i Executive Board Retreat adventures! We started our bonding with Hawaiian-attired picture-taking with the board's newest member, James--the FREP, a.k.a. the Freshmen Representative. Then we played leadership games that taught us how to speak with one another...yadda yadda...by pairing up, blindfolding a partner, and directed him or her, at the top of your lungs, where the yummy scrumptious Halloween candy was throughout the room. Oh the rewards of leadership games. Oh, and the lessons of leadership are great, too. Wink wink.


    Then we were off to Kona Kitchen--my personal favorite for Hawaiian restaurants (and there are very many throughout Washington. We're taking over the world, remember?). Do you remember Johnny Tsunami? Of course you do. Don't lie. Anyway, the guy who played Johnny's father is the owner of Kona's, thus the extra cool points, not to mention the amazing food that can only be described as "ono." It's a Hawaiian word, meaning, roughly, SUPER UBER DELICIOUS. Go look it up: wehewehe.org.


    Rounding up the five hours I spent with these crazy people, we raced the track at Sykart, a go-kart racing place somewhat near the Seatac airport. We were speed demons! Go Speed Racer, Go! Oh, we went, all right. I nearly got whiplash. My abs got a workout, too, having to support my body to stay up against the turns. Again, again, again, again!


    In the big white Seattle University van on the way back to campus, we all took a nose dive into the seat in front of us and snoozed.


    Saturday was my Mother's 50th Birthday! It's the Golden Year! At least, it's the golden year in Japanese culture and Hawai'i culture especially. My sister and I took her to a five hour-long massage, manicure, and pedicure treatment in Bellevue (cue oo's and ahh's), a dinner at the Olive Garden, and a mini shopping spree through the mall (she will never, in her life, pass up a Macy's One Day Sale).


    Finally, Sunday I spent time in downtown Seattle near the Space Needle for the THREAD fashion show and boutique displays. I'm a sucker for hand-crafted one-of-a-kinds. Who isn't in the greater Seattle area? I worked the event as press, lugging my giant camera around and snapping non-stop at vendors like Wildlife Works who donates money to wildlife preservations, increasing job opportunities and life opportunities, and Lunaversoul Jewelry who lended some masterful pieces to the Fashion Club of Seattle University's photoshoot last Sunday. Inspiration was on a rampage!


    Thus was my epic weekend, no more and no less than I usually hope it to be, and I am always sad to see it end. However, I got an A on my Marketing midterm! Monday, you have never treated me so well.


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