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  • Oh Em Gee!

    Posted by Rayann Onzuka on 9/28/2011 10:20:37 AM

    Wow. "School has begun," is an understatement.


    Time is flying. I have so many things to do, places to go, people to see, especially now that everyone's back on campus. Getting back into the swing of things has been rough this first week--what is that? Oh, it's homework--but I know that once I memorize my schedules and set up times and places to meet people, I'll be a on top of it, whatever "it" is. But I have a feeling that this year will be a good year, the best one yet, in fact. It will be--




    Did I mention that I'm in my first ever service learning course? Service learning courses essentially are your average-joe, everyday courses like English or Philosphy that have a service project conveniently tacked on. For example, my friend took an English 110 service learning course during which she tutored at a nearby elementary school. It's really convenient to have that great community service opportunity served to you on a silver platter with schedules, students, placement, and everything else completed. Take it, it's yours! And now it's my turn. My service learning course is, in a few short words, totally incredibly cool and superly duperly awesome and unique--I'm re-designing websites for non-profit organizations in the greater Seattle community. Yup. Be amazed. I'll keep you posted on how that goes. Mind you, I am not a tech smart gal, by far. So this, this right here, it will be a little tricky.



    Do it Big

    Posted by Jason Moy on 9/19/2011 05:45:19 PM


    Hold the phone. I just got my work schedule for the Admissions Office.


    That's right. I'll be working 14.5 hours across five days each week as a tour guide, cubby caller, information session sidekick, and extended visit guru. Drop by, sometime. There's a huge chance I'll be there, representing the red and black along with a few other coworkers. Tomorrow we student-to-student representatives, A.K.A. "Stu2," will be meeting for an all day training session--complete with bagels and pizza. Yum. We'll take a walk around campus, update our fact databases about our growing university, and share our experiences with each other, beefing up our own tours.


    Speaking of which, tours have been experiencing a much livlier campus nowadays, what with the return of second, third, and fourth-year students and the first-time arrivals of freshmen. Freshmen are coming in by the loads, filing into bookstores with their parents, coming out with armfuls of Seattle University sweatshirts and textbooks, going into residence halls with uncertainty, springing out with new friends on a mission to visit Broadway or Pike St., arriving with excited, worried parents, and remaing without them. The whole experience is huge, momentous, a rollar coaster of emotions, but, overall, a fun one.


    That was a picture of me, two whole years ago. It is T minus 39 hours until the start of my third year in college. I'm a junior.


    Yikes. Does that sound old, or is it just me? Wait. Is that a gray hair?


    Don't get me wrong--I'm beyond excited--but let's not get crazy. I'm still going to squeeze ever last second of summer into the mix--big Seattle Storms game tonight, followed by a long boarding expedition across campus and then a reuniting get-together with friends as a celebratory last night of summer fiesta on Tuesday. However, when I give it some thought, I realize, it's not as if the end of summer means the end of my festivities; quite the contrary. It means the beginning of even more festivities with even more people. There's strength in numbers, dontcha know.


    Wish me luck.


    The Countdown

    Posted by Rayann Onzuka on 9/7/2011 01:06:09 PM

    It's nearly official. It's nearly Facebook official, and aw we in this techy generation can understand, that's uber official. Am I right, or am I right? It's about to get real.


    I will be a junior in college with half of the experience behind me and the next half before me. It's strange to think of it that way, but come September 21st, I'm going to hit the ground running. I'll march into American Literature at 10:55am on the dot, then straight into Web Design, and finish off the day by 3:30pm with Introduction to Marketing. Thus is my schedule every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.


    Bring. It. On.


    At 6pm on Monday nights, I'll be attending Fashion Club executive meetings and, as the Community Relations chair, discussing possible networking opportunities with Seattle-based designers and boutiques interested in sponsoring our annual non-profit spring fashion show, all the proceeds of which will go directly to the Dress for Success foundation (a non-profit organization dedicated to clothing under-privelaged women for interviews and the work force environment). I'll be teaching Tahitian Dance Class on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:30-6:30pm at the new Connolly Center that's equiped with a dance room made specifically for your truly (or so I like, vainly, to think). After my Thursday dance class, I will head straight on over to the 7pm Fashion Club general meetings, which are opent to anyone interested in modeling for shoots, walking for the show, learning more about volunteering nd internship opportunities in the industry, or simply hanging out. Finally, to top of my week, I will be attending executive board and general meetings for Hui 'O Nani Hawai'i, the university's Hawai'i Club, every Friday at 6m. AS this year's Entertainment Chair, I will be heading the show format, costumes, dances--basically anything to do with the entertainment--that was a no-brainer--for this year's 50th anniversary lu'au celebration. Yup, 50 whopping years. We're old fuddy duddies. When the May 5th anniversary rolls around, Hawai'i will have only be a state for 53 years. Go figure.


    Hawai'i clubs, by the way, exist in every single college campus like a huge, looming body of island culture, (and there are a few theories as to why), and it's open not only to students from Hawai'i or of Hawaiian descent but to everyone. To put it simply, we're taking over the world one college at a time, and you're invited.


    So that's a quick overview of the Fall Quarter and year ahead of me. Add in some trips to the Woodland Park Zoo, Fall Ball, a few concerts, volunteering for Goodwill, eating at Cupcake Royale, High 5 Pie, Molly Moon's Ice Cream, Yogurtland, Genki Sushi and so much more, stalking thrift stores, walks to the park and Pike's Place, hiking to Twin Falls, and whatever else I have on my average, everyday to-do list, and you got a detailed insight to my Seattleite life.


    Oh, "that's it," you say?


    We'll see about that.