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  • Spring break, keep your clothes on!

    But seriously, do that. It's spring break! Well actually, it's finals week, but I already finished finals so it's time for me to relax, read a book for fun, and eat lots of jelly beans. The jelly bean thing is only because I'm sitting here with a bag of Trader Joe's jelly beans right next to me, so I'm nommin'.

    Finals week went alright for me, clearly, since I'm already done. I've been keeping busy and hearing back from grad schools! I have so far gotten accepted into Boston College (with a $5,000 scholarship) and University of Denver (with a $12,000 scholarship). So far I am two for two and I'm basically nailin' it! I am looking forward to hearing back from the three other schools, hopefully before April! Here's hoping I go five for five!

    In the meantime, in my fundraising class we got to make a presentation to the Director of Development at TAF (Technology Access Foundation) on our fundraising plan for them. That was a really good real life experience for me and I sincerely enjoyed it. Especially when he told us that he was going to use some of our ideas in real life! That sure was satisfying.

    I hope you all come out and visit Seattle U and check out how great being a Redhawk is: http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/localnews/2017727480_suinitiative12m.html?prmid=head_main


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