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  • Are groundhogs qualified to predict weather?

    Here we are, the beginning of February and what is out? THE SUN IS OUT! That's right folks, the sun is shining warm and bright in Seattle in the middle of winter. Weird to think that just two weeks ago we had snowpocolypse 2012, but hey, I'm not complaining! Senioritis does increase with better weather though, guess that makes me worried about spring quarter.

    This weekend was extremely busy, but in a good way. We are completely entrenched in midterms so that's a ball as it always is. Is it legal to have midterms when we have seriously only had a month of actual classes? I suppose so because it sure is happening. They are going well though, do not worry. I am still anxiously awaiting news from grad school although I am not supposed to find out until April so I guess I should stop dreaming about people stamping my application with giant rejection stamps. (Do those stamps exist?) I went to three birthday parties this weekend, each were a delight in their own way. I ate a giant cinnamon roll from the Skillet Diner right down the street from my house on Sunday morning. When I say giant, I mean GIANT. The size of my face essentially...that may or may not be an exaggeration, why don't you go find out for yourself? (Note: they are only served on Saturdays & Sundays). I also sat on the couch all day Sunday and watched Superbowl commercials, and well some of the actual game too I guess. Also with a sprinkling of the puppy bowl.

    I sure do love college. The years when you can sit on a couch for an entire day and eat a whole bunch of food that later in life will give you heartburn and acid reflux...yes I am blogging about heartburn this week apparently. In other news, I am having trouble enjoying this sunny day today when that darn groundhog promised 6 more weeks of winter...here's hoping that groundhogs did not go to meteorology school...until next time...


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