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  • I spy with my little eye sunshine, snow, the Space Needle, and Starbucks.


    Gum Wall 

    Seattle's famous gum wall, years and years of chewing gum, NOMZ.

     Oh herro blog readers, it seems to have been quite some time since I have told you more about my life. I realize you have been missing your weekly updates and apologize for that lapse in time. To make up for it, I come prepared to share pictures of my past weeks with you. There might be too many for you to handle so feel free to stop at any point. I have been lucky enough to be having an INCREDIBLE time in Seattle for the past few weeks and have had the pleasure of sharing that time with some amazing people. My good friend from home came up to visit this past weekend and the weekend before that my favorite sister came up from Salem, Oregon! It has been beyond words and so I have pictures! In the past weeks I have: seen a Daft Punk laser show at Seattle Center, taken a bus to Alki Beach, shopped at the first Nordstrom and other great Downtown shops, visited Pike Place market and the first Starbucks, gotten pretty close to the infamous gum wall, danced at our annual Dance Marathon, watched the SU vs. UW basketball game, drank market spice tea, played hide & seek at the Olympic Sculpture Park, and so many other Seattley things that I can't even remember them all! I LOVE having people visit because then I get to re-experience all of the glory Seattle has to offer that only tourists normally partake in. I also get to enjoy the presence of phenomenal people such as my sister and seventh grade friend among others :) And now, as promised...PICTURES! Enjoy and GO REDHAWKS!


    Supporting two of my favorite people at Dance Marathon, they danced for 16 whole hours to raise money for Seattle Children's Hospital!

    Game Night 

    Beautiful friends and I waiting for the bus to the SU v. UW game at Key Arena

    Pike Place 

    Showing Justin around Seattle, hitting up Pike Place Market first


    Shadow pictures at Olympic Sculpture Park, loving some Seattle sunshine



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