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  • Super Bowls and Plates


    Friends and I rockin' our Redhawk red.
    Planners, organizers, calendars, they are all different names for the same thing. This thing in particular, I cannot live without and in my case, I refer to it as my planner. I actually am fearful for the day that my planner goes missing. Recently I have been debating if it would be worse to have my wallet or my planner stolen, planner is currently winning as being worse to lose. That is bizarre and quite frankly embarrassing. Weirdly enough, I have the urge to share it with you. Finding the perfect planner is like dating. You need to check out a whole bunch of other planners before you find the one that you stick with. Mine is pink and has large boxes for each day. It also has room for to-do lists on either side of it, which I am a HUGE fan of. Who could hate a to-do list? I even put little pointless things on my to-do lists sometimes just to make it seem like I am being really productive. For example, brush my teeth, an easy and simple task that will take me about 2 minutes to complete, but will bring relief when I cross it off the long list. Enough about to-do lists and back to planners. This week was extremely busy for me, I am talking every line in my planner for the week was filled to the brim, there were even bullet points and to-dos going astray into other days and lines. Sometimes life as a college student is busy just like my week last week. Planners make my life easier and is a concrete thing that I can keep with me at all times. At this point I have become so dependent on it that I cannot plan coffee dates, work, or meetings until I consult my planner first.
    One highlight I would like to discuss that was written on my Wednesday of this past week was an interview with the Executive Director at Children's Alliance. At Seattle U we are lucky enough to have a strong Nonprofit Leadership program and so, for my introductory course, I got to interview a leader in the third sector. Paola Maranan was that leader and she is amazing, not to mention I have a new passion for Children's Alliance and when I find the free time in my planner, I will be scheduling in volunteer hours with the organization. Until next time folks, I hope you enjoy this insane wind that is currently blowing us all away. GO PACKERS & REDHAWKS of course!


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