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  • A letter to Winter Quarter.

    Dear Winter Quarter,

    You have come once again and as always you have blind sided me. We are already in week 4 and you are dominating my life. Why must you be so rainy and cold? Why must I be required to do homework when all I want to do is sleep for days, drink tea, and stay under a blanket with movies? You are the hardest quarter and I hate you to be quite honest. I have become a member of the struggle bus because of you. Luckily other students have joined me because you are just so difficult. We need sunshine at the very least, and for the past 7-10 days you have not even provided that! I am sick of your rainy and cold winter days. I am tired of your immense amount of homework and work. The light at the end of your dark and stormy tunnel is the 8 weeks we have left until Spring time! That's 8 weeks until Cambodia, the trip of a lifetime. That is why I love you Winter Quarter. Because the quarter family is the best family to have. You are short and quick and that makes things easier. I know that we will all survive you Winter Quarter because we do every year, but I just want you to be better at things. I want more days like the day we had on Saturday. Just bring more rain-free days that I can frolick around downtown on and please oh please bring one day of sunshine.


    Girl who is fed up with Winter Quarter and just wants to go swim suit shopping and buy some new gladiator sandals.


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