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  • Hitting the ground running

    Southern California has four seasons: floods, mud slides, fires, and earthquakes. This winter break I was lucky enough to experience the season of floods. If you watch the news, I am sure you saw the cold and rainy mess that we became down there. Just like Seattlites cannot drive or function in the snow, Southern Californians cannot function or drive in torrential downpours...but really what else do you expect? So I visited family, got the flu, celebrated my all-time favorite holiday, waved to Disneyland, and hung out on the beach. Not only did I make a quick stop in my hometown, but I got to make a quick stop in San Francisco to see more family! After seeing great family and hanging out with my two best friends at home everyday I was there, I made the journey back to the Evergreen State to celebrate the New Year and get ready for school to start back!

    Winter Quarter so far has been insane. I am taking 18 credits, working 30 hours between 2 jobs and an internship, and have about 6 hours of meetings on the side. It is going to be insanely busy, but I am loving every second of it, especially the no class on Fridays part! The countdown has also begun for my big spring break trip to Cambodia, 9 weeks and counting, but more on that later!

    To finish this blog post I have pictures to make you sufficiently jealous of my hometown and I also want to say GO REDHAWKS! I went to the game against Eastern tonight and we crushed them, it was such a good game and makes me so proud to call myself a Redhawk! Good job guys! Until next time readers, bundle up, drink some tea, and enjoy the company of incredible people.

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