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  • What do Belize, Seattle Children's Hospital, a Christmas concert, and finals all have in common?

    I'll give you a hint: Not a whole lot, but they are things that happened over the past week. Here, let me explain:

    First, Belize. I applied for a study abroad opportunity in Belize as part of the Social Work program and am happy to announce that I got in! I will be leaving right after school gets out in June and staying in Belize City for 17 days to work with patients with HIV/AIDS. I could not be happier or more excited!
    Second, Seattle Children's Hospital. I applied for an internship in the Psychiatric Unit for winter quarter and once again, am happy to announce that I got it! I interviewed on Sunday morning and was pleasantly surprised to receive a congratulations email later that day! I will be shadowing a Bachelor's level worker there and assisting them in whatever they may need. By the end of the 10-week long internship, I might even be able to lead therapy groups by myself!
    Third, a Christmas concert. This week at Benaroya Hall, downtown, there was a beautiful Christmas concert that my church put on. My friend Lara and I made it dinner and a concert and went down to enjoy the lovely orchestra and choir songs of Christmas that were put on. If that doesn't put you in the Christmas spirit, I do not know what does!
    Fourth and last, FINALS. Who loves finals? WE LOVE FINALS. Who loves finals? WE LOVE FINALS. That's a lie, let's be real. But if you sing about it, sometimes it makes it better. I am currently in the midst of finals week and am finishing my last paper that is due tomorrow. Thursday will be my last test and day of fall quarter 2010. I cannot believe that it is my second to last fall quarter, college sure does fly!
    On a sadder note, Father Rog, our beloved Jesuit, passed away on Friday. It has hit our campus hard and everyone has been leaning on each other during this hard time. Father Roj taught me what love is and it was an honor to Search with him in winter of 2010. He is the meaning of love and I will never forget that. Rest in Peace Father Roj. And to the rest of you, Happy Holidays! I hope Santa brings you everything you want :)


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