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  • Dear Santa, thanks for the Christmas miracle of snow fall in Seattle. Love, Mandi.

    Well hey there blog followers! I have one word for you. SNOW.

    After a week of people telling me that it's not going to snow just like the meteorologists said, they were all wrong. We had fall preview day yesterday and while I stood on the lower mall directing people to lunch, there it was...the first snow flake of the season. This morning I woke up and to my delight, the ground, trees, grass, everything, was covered in a couple inches of snow! It is a truly beautiful sight. This morning I took a break and frolicked in the snow with one of my best friends from San Diego. We made our first snow angels and ran around throwing snow balls on each other. The chapel reflection pond is also in the process of freezing, stay tuned for more updates on how that goes :) Unfortunately, school and work must go on, but I will take a break for a warm coffee drink and more snow ball throwing.

    In other news, Harry Potter 7, part 1 was incredible. By far one of the best movies in the series. It closely followed the book and I was super impressed. There were a couple of strange parts in it to be sure, but overall I give it an A+, good work J.K. Rowling and directing team. I have also decided that I might be getting too old to go to midnight showings due to the fact that Lucas, Eric, Amber, and I were definitely among the older folks and we're not even old! Screaming high school girls accompanied us in our row, which got annoying after the twentieth time they got up to go to who knows where, but hey can't have it all right? If you haven't seen it yet, do yourself a favor and go. Pictures from the night and the snow to come. Until next time, go see Harry Potter, go throw a snow ball, and have a very Happy Thanksgiving. Go tell someone that you're thankful for them, it'll quite possibly make their day. Gobble gobble.


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