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  • Fall Ball, proceed with fun.

    On this week's blog, the perks of being a Seattle U student, brought to you by Mandi Thomas, a Seattle U student herself. Today we're coming live from her house just 5 blocks off campus!

    #1. Being a three hour ferry ride away from Canada. -Canada, the land of Maple Syrup and Queen Victoria. On Wednesday night there was a spur of the moment decision to take the Victoria Clipper up to Canada for a few days. Good decision on my boyfriend and my part because we had a blast. We frolicked in Beacon Hill Park, hiked along the ocean, climbed trees with peacocks, checked out some Irish pubs, visited Butchart Gardens, attempted the Canadian transit system, and wandered the Canadian Natural History Museum. It only took me 2.5 years to make it across the border, but hey who's counting?


    My boyfriend and I climbing on rocks on the Victoria Coast.

    #2. Fall Ball. -Everyone loves a good dance right? And don't worry, the fun doesn't stop after Senior Prom, you can come to Seattle U and experience it all over again, with a college twist. This year our annual extravaganza was held at the EMP (Experience Music Project), with all of the exhibits open to us and an incredibly addicting and fun photo booth that was a returner from last year's ball. The best part about Fall Ball versus the old high school dance? You don't need a date, corsage, makeup artist, hair stylist, dinner reservation, or anything of that matter to have the time of your life.

    fall ball

    My friends and I at the annual Fall Ball photo booth.

    #3. Quarter system. -Not only do we not start until the end of September, but we end in the beginning of December. While the semester system students are slaving away in the end of August and into mid-December, we roll in fashionably late and make an early departure into our Winter break. So you know what that means? We have only 2 more full weeks of school left. The Christmas Pandora is set, my space heater is plugged in, all of my jackets are at the front of the closet, and it is time for winter. Until next time friends, family, and Redhawks, stay warm, dry, and happy.


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