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  • Daylight savings, 20.5 years of participation and still confused...

    Hey there friends and future redhawks! I hope everyone had a pleasant week and weekend! We're back to the blogging, which means it's Monday again! Oh Mondays...they really always get a bad rep. I do it, you probably do it, we all hate Mondays let's just be real. I've tried making my Mondays better by starting my day later, in this case 9 AM, but 9 AM gets hard after a Sunday of Daylight savings fall back and sleeping until noon. Daylight savings, now that is a frustrating thing! We all love the fall back though, who doesn't like an additional one hour of sleep? But every year I just get so confused with all of the figuring out what time it is and was and will be. Whoever created Daylight savings time must've had a good laugh at how much he confused everyone.

    Anyway enough about that, my family was in town this weekend! After vigorously cleaning every inch of my house so it was presentable I was ready for their arrival. It was a fun weekend full of good food, lots of shopping, a movie, and just overall catching up. A few highlights of my weekend: Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale, Cafe Flora's pumpkin pizza and carrot cake, eye candy Robert Downey Jr. in Due Date, teaching my mom how to ride the Seattle busses, and Sunday sunshine. It's always a good time showing people around the city that I love so much!

    This week we only have 3 days of classes, can you say 4 day weekend? 4 DAY WEEKEND!! I am so happy, unfortunately the beginning of my weeks are always the craziest so I just need to make it until Wednesday night and then I'm home free! Until next time...happy Veteran's Day everyone, wear a yellow ribbon to support the veteran's and have an incredible week!


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