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  • We sold our clothes to the state, I don't mind, I don't mind.

    Well I didn't really sell my clothes to the state, but if you know Sufjan Stevens like I know Sufjan Stevens, then you should know those are some of his incredible song lyrics! And guess who was lucky enough to go see him on Saturday night at the Paramount Theatre, just a fifteen minute walk from my house?! I WAS!! And obviously I don't actually know him personally, I wish, but he sure puts on a great show! I decided he's kind of a weirdo, which makes sense if you've heard his music, but he was hilarious and wore ridiculous white wings the whole night. But I'm getting way ahead of myself here. Let's start from where we left off last time.

    This week I had a big midterm on Friday so the whole week I spent prepping for it and going to and from classes and meetings. On Tuesday I got to attend a Grad Fair for Master's in Social Work programs and am slowly narrowing down my choices for Grad schools one by one. Currently the list is small and consists of the University of Washington, Michigan, and Columbia University. I might add a couple more, but we'll see as I complete junior year and begin senior year.

    Anyway, back to the fun stuff! Friday night consisted of relaxation and scary movies. But Saturday was a little more exciting. I walked up Broadway and ran some last minute Halloween errands with my friend Carissa. We saw some outrageous costumes and bought her some outrageous eyelashes. These fake eyelashes had gold glitter in them and were huge, only on Capitol Hill can you find some that perfect for a Ke$sha costume. Then I got ready with my roommates for the night. I went to Fish Fry, a local and delicious fish and chips joint up here on the hill and then walked down to the Sufjan concert! My boyfriend, Eri was the one who went with me to the concert and we saw lots of people we knew there, which made it loads of fun. After the concert we went back to the University District where Eric lives and they had a shindig at his house complete with Halloween decore and great music. We danced most of the night on Saturday, it was the perfect way to spend Halloween.

    And now some pictures from the weekend because I finally learned how to update pictures on here. Get excited blog followers, there will be buckets more to come each week! Until next time...I hope you don't have to canoe outside of your house like we do up here in the great North West. Just kidding, it's not raining that hard...yet...


    My roommate and I getting ready for our Saturday Evening.

    Halloween 2

    Just a casual run in with Willy Wonka and Cinderella.


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