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  • Oh hey midterms, it's been awhile.

    Week 6!? Is this a joke?! No people, this is real life. This is precisely why I am in love with the quarter system. This quarter has literally flown by. This past week was busy with the usual school and work combination, but with midterm insanity thrown in, let's see if I can share some of my week highlights.

    First, I got to go to Target this week, which doesn't sound like a highlight to you, but it is to a poor college student. Let me just say, Target is perfect for everything college. If you are a prospective, soon to be Redhawk student, just go to Target when you are getting ready to move in. If you are a current student, you love Target too let's be real. So I mean, I'm poor so the most exciting of my purchases was Scrabble Cheez-its. I know I sound like the biggest nerd, but I'm going to just end with saying that you can now play Scrabble with food. Delicious and educational. Also this week I held a club meeting where we made headway on a current project that we are working on. We are planning on starting a letter writing campaign to support legislation to raise awareness about eating disorders. It's called the Freed Act, look it up if you're interested! I'll keep you posted on how our campaign goes and if you'd like to get involved, please please please email me! We will need all the help we can get! Another exciting thing of my week was the sunshine. On Wednesday I had coffee with a friend and because it was perfectly sunny and warm outside, we soaked in the sun for about 2 and a half hours outside on the new Library lawn. It was quite delightful!

    Unfortunately that was last week and this week we are experiencing weather that I've never experienced in my years at Seattle U and that is a rain and wind combination. Wind plus rain equals no point in a hood or umbrella because it'll get into your face anyway. I suppose this means it'll be a perfect day to curl up with some hot chocolate and homework and spend some quality times with my roommates. This week I plan on celebrating Halloween by way of carving pumpkins, baking pumpkin cookies, eating pumpkin pie, drinking pumpkin spice lattes, listening to the Monster Mash, dressing up, and eating way too much candy. Until next week friends, stay dry, eat or drink something pumpkiny, and if you're old enough, get out there and VOTE!


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