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  • First name Jack 'O, last name Lantern

    When I think of October the first thing that comes to my mind are costumes and everything pumpkin. People have told me that I sometimes, maybe, sort of, tend to get overly enthusiastic about holidays and so keeping with my excitement about Halloween, I got to go to my first ever Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch this week in Auburn, Washington. For those of you who don't know where Auburn is...I believe it's somewhere South and maybe East, but don't mark my words on that one. Anyway, Mosby Farms is the name of the place that we decided would be fun to go to. It was everything I hoped it would be and so much more! The corn maze was awesome! We got a map with six locations on it that we had to try to find. My boyfriend, Eric, found 4 of them USING THE MAP, while I found 2 without using the map...I think that means I have a gift of getting lost and luckily stumbling upon a post with a number on it. We found all six in probably about a half hour and got scared once on accident. Apparently a family thought it would be fun to put on frightening masks and scare innocent college students while in the maze. I did not sign up for a Haunted Corn Maze for a reason people! I wasn't that scared though, don't worry. We made it out alive and it was pumpkin picking time! Normally I go to the local grocery store and pick one out of the tub so to see pumpkins just hanging out on the ground waiting for me to choose, was super exciting! Unfortunately Mosby let his pumpkins get slightly rotten so the stench was lovely and some of their guts were protruding into the paths, but we still managed to find the perfect pumkins. 120 pounds and 7 pumpkins later, we were ready to load up the car and drive back to Seattle with smiles on our faces and caramel apple pops in our pockets. It was a gorgeous day for pumpkins and corn, which should teach you that Seattle really doesn't get as much rain as everyone thinks!


    In other news, I have decided that you can't really go wrong with a good Tinker Bell costume so I am currently on the hunt for the perfect green dress. If only I had my sewing machine in Seattle, I could just make a simple dress from scratch... Oh well, looks like thrift stores will be seeing me a lot this weekend! Until next time readers...do yourself a favor and go get a Pumpkin Spice Latte today, it'll get you in the perfect October spirit!


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