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  • Dear Ecuador, I'll be back.

    Phew! I'm here! In the blogosphere! It was a long journey, but I made it. It was also a long journey back to Seattle from a summer of full on traveling. For the first 3/4 of summer, I was lucky enough to get to spend my summer on the Equator, that's right, I spent 8 1/2 weeks in Ecuador! It is the most breathtaking country that I've ever been to. I am absolutely and whole heartedly in love with the country of Ecuador and the continent of South America. I lived in a small village called Cotacachi, spoke Spanish the entire summer, worked at an indigenous medical clinic in the forest, taught English, and became inseparable with my host family. Not to mention that I visited the famous red line that cuts our globe in half (the equator or mitad del mundo), hiked through the Amazon Rainforest, whale watched off the coast of Ecuador, and dreamed of someday coming back to visit the infamous Galapagos Islands. I have never felt more convicted in my decision to go to Ecuador and have never learned more in 8 weeks in my life. I am now sure more than ever that Social Work is the major that I'm meant to be in, which let me just tell you as the girl who could never settle on one major, that is a darn good feeling.


    Upon returning home I hopped right back on a plane to Lake Tahoe and saw my entire family at my mom's wedding. After that 3 day hiatus you would think I would fly home to Southern California and soak up some sun right? Wrong, I hopped on a plane again after being back in Seattle for 4 days and spent a week in New York City, the big apple! I checked out Columbia University's Masters in Social Work program, went to the David Letterman show, saw Lion King on Broadway, ate pizza, bagels, and cupcakes (duh), and visited the UN, MOMA, MET, and so much more.


    This summer was nothing other than a whirlwind and now since I've been in school for 3 weeks already, it all feels like a dream. I cannot believe how lucky I have been to travel to unbelievable places. It has been wonderful to get settled after a summer of travel though, living in my first house off-campus in the Central District with 3 other girls with my very own room! Not to mention my classes have been incredible and I am not making that up. This quarter I'm fully immersed in my major of Social Work and am in love with everything that I'm learning. Oh and one more thing, I'm a tad obsessed with the new library and it has become my second home. I have a great feeling about junior year, it's going to be a quite fantastical year! Stay tuned for more adventures! GO REDHAWKSSSS!


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