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  • Meant to Fly

    [For full blog reading experience, please play this song

    It’s finals.  I know I have built it up but Spring Break is in sight and I am so excited.   Monday night my friend Amy and I were studying and during a long period of not studying we started singing this song.  Luckily I did finish my reflection paper for Ignatian Theology which focused on our service learning experience and how it helped us understand the core concepts of the class.  My comparative anatomy final was super difficult but it was awesome to see how much we learned throughout the quarter.  I finished my ethics final this morning and now I am done!      

    Here is a picture of my friend Abbey studying for her nursing final:

      Abbey Studying

    Also it was snowing Tuesday morning and randomly throughout the day.  ENOUGH IS ENOUGH MARCH.  Once Spring Quarter starts I expect beautiful weather.  Spring Quarter is my absolute favorite and my classes will be Ecology, Cell Biology, Drug and Alcohol Addiction and Senior Synthesis.  More to come on those.

    I am headed back home to Beaverton for a couple of days and then we are headed out to San Francisco!  We are gonna celebrate St. Patrick’s day in Portland which should also be great.  What I need from Spring Break however is some sun.  AT LEAST A LITTLE BIT PLEASE. 

    We are making a playlist for our roadtrip and I am adding some great songs such as this one by Nick Minaj.  I love driving and I’ll probably be singing the entire time.  If you see a white SUV driving down I-5 with four college students singing this song, then it’s probably us. 

    I hope you get to dance this Spring Break. I know I will.  I’ll be sure to post about my trip when I get back!

    Yours truly,

    Ben Neal 



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