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  • I'll Be There for You

    [For full blog reading experience, go on a long walk to a park and breathe some fresh air]

    Hello friends!

    It’s almost finals. It’s almost my LAST quarter.  I promise I will stop talking about graduation at some point.  But I am very excited!  This week has been kind of busy but now finals are just what stand in my way of SPRING BREAK. 

    Other highlights in my life include:

    SUN.  The weather is starting to get a little but nicer.  Today is supposed to get to the 60’s!  I went on a walk to Volunteer Park yesterday and it was really nice.  Seattle has some wonderful parks and I love exploring them.  Here is a picture of my walk to campus yesterday evening:

      Sun sun

    My Intramural Rec Soccer team is going well!  We ended the season 3-1 and were ranked 2nd!  Playoffs are this weekend.  Wish us luck.  Our team name is Friendz.  Here is a team picture of most of our team (I'm the one in the middle with the yellow headband):


    Another exciting note:  I am going to go see Star Wars: Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace 3D this weekend and I can’t wait.   

    Have a wonderful Spring Break!   Hopefully you can come visit campus and say hello!


    Yours truly,

     Ben Neal



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