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  • That's the Way It Is

    [For full blog reading experience, please play this song]

    There are a couple of reasons that a Celine Dion song was chosen as the theme for this post:

    1. It is a great song.
    2. I am trying to convince my friends for it to be the theme song of our Spring Break. 
    3. The video is funny and Celine looks good in white pants.
    4. It is a really great song.
    5. You just have to smile when you hear it. 


    My mind is very much in the future. I am looking forward to Spring Break, Spring Quarter and graduation!  I am in need of a break and a change. Winter Quarter is almost over.  Only one more week and then finals!  My finals shouldn’t be too bad.  Comparative Anatomy is going to be tough just because there is so much to know!


    My Spring Break plans are to road trip to San Francisco with three of my closest friends!  I’ll be sure to take plenty of pictures and you can see all our adventurez.  Cameron, Anna, Amy and I will be driving down together to visit and stay with our friend Katie who will be getting back from Vietnam. She is doing a program called IDIP and working at an internship over there!  She has been loving it but we are all so excited to see her.   

    Here is a picture of Amy from yesterday when they put the inflatable Rudy the Redhawk outside of the Student Center.  We went to the Red Out party where RedZone and SEAC and other organizations had games and more.  Plus FREE ROOT BEER FLOATS:

      Amy Redhawk

    Also our first indoor rec soccer games were last weekend and we had so much fun!  We won our first game but lost our second.  Two more games this weekend though!  (I was so sore afterwards/ am so out of shape)


    I hope you are all doing well and are just as ready for Spring as I am! 


    Yours truly,

    Ben Neal        



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