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  • Happy Valentine's Day!!!

    [For full blog reading experience, eat tons of chocolate and candy]


    It’s February 14, 2012.  I hope your day is filled with joy and love and sweets and treats.  I personally don’t have any plans for the day besides class, work and volunteering.  For my service learning portion of my Ignatian Spirituality class I am volunteering at Youthcare’s Orion Center which is a shelter for homeless youth.  I will head there this evening to help prepare the shelter and make dinner.  I went for the first time on Sunday and had a great experience so I am really looking forward to going back again tonight.


    It’s a busy week for me actually.  I have advising since registration is next week (MY LAST UNDERGRADUATE REGISTRATION), a quiz, an exam, lots of reading and more!  But Thursday should be exciting because Athletics reserved a box for the employees of the Admissions office to go watch the basketball game.  I am STOKED. Go Redhawks!  Basketball games at Key Arena are a lot of fun and I have received a large amount of free stuff (including food) from them.  Students can go for free and are provided with transportation.  It’s a great deal.    


    Yesterday was my roommate’s birthday.  Happy 22nd Birthday Max!  We went to the Elysian yesterday for lunch.  I highly suggest the Elysian. It is a brewery and restaurant and has great food and drinks. 

    I went to the Yacht concert last week at The Crocodile which was a lot of fun.  See picture below:


    My co-ed rec indoor soccer team starts this weekend!  I am so excited.  Our team name is F.R.I.E.N.D.Z and we are going to have so much fun.  We made team jerseys.  I’ll post a picture eventually! 


    Also Governor Gregoire signed the Gay Marriage bill for Washington state into law yesterday which is wonderful.


    Yours truly,

    Ben Neal



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