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  • The School Week That Never Was

    [For full blog reading experience, trap yourself in your house/apartment for three days.  Also drink hot chocolate.]

    So much has happened in the last week!  Remember in my last post when I said that I doubt we were going to miss any school?  Well we did miss some school.  WE MISSED THREE FULL DAYS.  PLUS WE ALREADY HAD THE PREVIOUS MONDAY OFF.  IT WAS CRAZY. 

    Snowpocalypse started on Tuesday evening and lasted until Friday afternoon when it started to warm up.  Snowmageddon consisted of freezing rain, ice, snow and more.  It was cold.  Wednesday consisted of playing in the snow (see picture of Tim, Signe and Bridget playing in the snow) and sledding down many Seattle hills.  It was awesome!...until I started to run out of food and a trip to the grocery store became quite the ordeal due to walking through ice and having to put on 5 layers.  On Thursday the snow became icier and was no longer very fun to play in and I ended up not leaving my apartment all day.  Luckily friends came to visit me and it was always fun to hangout with friends.

        Snow Dayyy

    Then on Friday, school was again cancelled because everything froze overnight and didn’t warm up until the afternoon when rain came to wash everything away.  As the snow started to leave, my family came for the weekend with my two dogs!  (see picture of Rudy and Mickey in the snow)  My sister is two years older and we had a lot of fun going out with friends throughout the weekend and spending time with my parents.  On Saturday evening we went to The Kingfish Café on 19th.  It is SO GOOD.  If you are ever in Seattle and want a good dinner, GO THERE.  The Red Velvet cake was incredible as are the chicken wings and red beans and rice. 

    Snow Dogs 

    Here is a picture of my sister and I this weekend:


    With all that being said, I hadn’t had class in almost a week because of Winter Break Part 2.  I have homework and stuff to catch up on so this week is going to be a little crazy!  At least I am not trapped in my apartment.  Silver lining. 

    On a sad note, our beloved office fish passed away this afternoon.  I was working when we noticed that he was not moving and was floating on the bottom of the bowl.  I have been with him since he came here in 2010 and it will be sad to not see his little bowl on our desk.  His name was D1 and he was a beautiful scarlet beta fish.  He will be missed. 



    Yours truly,

    Ben Neal



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