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  • Blow, Blow, Thou Winter Wind

    [For full blog reading experience, prepare a warm cup of chamomile tea]

    It's cold.  That's for sure.  I woke up Sunday morning with a white blanket covering everything outside my window.  We get all types of weather here in the Pacific Northwest.  Since I am from Oregon, it's something I am fairly accustomed to. In the Winter, we do get snow sometimes and when we do it is very exciting.  I walked downtown on Sunday to attend a volunteer training but when I got there, I was informed that they had rescheduled due to the snow for next week.  I probably should have called first.  Oh well.  At least I got to have a nice walk in the snow!  

    Everything looks so much more peaceful in the snow.  My normal walk to campus is now accompanied by flurries of white and an occasional slip on the ground.  The snow is supposed to melt within the next day or so.  I wish it could stay around for a little longer.  Last year some school got cancelled due to snow.  It doesn't look like that will happen this year.  

    So as I sit here writing this blog, under layers of blankets in my apartment, listening to Iron & Wine, drinking tea, I look out the window at the snow covering the rooftops and trees around me.  It's been such a good three day weekend.  I put off all my school work for today and need to go to campus to review shark anatomy for a quiz tomorrow.  But the snow comforts me and I don't feel stressed.  Winter quarter is full of surprises!  

    Also, here is a picture from my window overlooking the street 


    Yours truly,

    Ben Neal



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