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  • This is a New Year



    [For full blog reading experience, please play this song.  The song is called Rivers and Roads by The Head and the Heart.]  


    This is a new year indeed.  2012  The year of happiness.  The year of my graduation.  The year of my 22nd birthday.  The year of many possibilities. 

    I feel hopeful about this year.  So many thoughts are rushing through my head and bubbling within me is a blend of fear yet so much excitement.  I have two quarters left at this place that I have made a home and I want to truly enjoy the upcoming months.  I want to have fun, be a senior, try new things and learn about myself.  I feel like I am in a good place.  I am making some New Year resolutions, such as starting to take yoga classes, while also making sure to stick with what I commit to this year.

    The classes I am taking this quarter are as follows:  Ethics, Ignatian Spirituality and Comparative Anatomy of the Vertebrates.  I am not the best philosopher so Ethics may be a struggle for me but interesting nonetheless.  I am really excited for Ignatian Spirituality so I can learn about the awesome founder of the Jesuits himself, St. Ignatius of Loyola. (Did you know that the Loyola Coat of Arms is two wolves around a cauldron?  It is one of the pictures on the Seattle University Seal which in the past I thought was two squirrels.)  Lastly, I am taking Comparative Anatomy of the Vertebrates which I am actually really looking forward.  I think it will be difficult in that there will be a lot to memorize about the anatomy of vertebrates, but I think it will be a fun process to learn it all.  We get to dissect a Dogfish Shark and a Cat!  Who wouldn’t be excited for that?       

    As we enter our first full week of Winter Quarter, I can’t help but to look forward to all that is to come.  Even though I am a person who tends to focus on the past/ present and don’t have too much foresight, I have a good feeling about everything. 

    I hope you also are feeling good about all that is to come.  The future can definitely be scary but for all of you who are applying to college, it will work out.  Enjoy the rest of your High School experience.  Live in the moment and love all that is around you.  College will come soon enough, don’t worry.  In the meantime, listen to Forever Young by Rod Stewart. 

    Yours truly,

     Ben Neal  



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