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  • Flying into fall

    Posted by Jason Moy on 9/27/2011 08:53:32 PM
    Well Redhawks and friends of Redhawks, summer is over and we are right back into the routine of school. Autumn has accompanied the new school year rather simultaneously and has brought us plenty of rain and cold to send me running back in search for summer. Unfortunately I had no luck in my search and whether I like it or not, we are back in school mode. Don't get me wrong, I love school! I am terrified to graduate in one year and be thrown out into the "real world", whatever the heck that even means. Why are adults always saying those dumb two words? Anyways, I love school and I am pleased to see all of my fellow Redhawks and to be frolicking around campus once again, but it is always a rough first week. After some scheduling confusion I have finally settled into a schedule that is comprised of (get ready, take a breath because it's going to be a long one): 5 classes including Gender & Film, Social Work of Groups, Statistics, Field Seminar, and my departmental honors course PLUS 17 hours of practicum a week as required by Social Work at a placement called Full Life, an adult day program for elderly and mentally disabled adults PLUS work at the admissions office, still giving the best tours you will get anywhere PLUS core group meetings weekly through my church PLUS heading PHEED for one more year. Now not only will fall quarter be filled with all of that, but I am finishing up and beginning applications for all sorts of activities! Grad school applications and a Fulbright application to teach English in Thailand post-graduation. And GRE you ask? Well that book I bought last year...yeah it still has yet to be cracked open. In the meantime I am trying to get a decent amount of sleep, exercise regularly, eat healthily, call my grandparents weekly and my sister daily, and spend plenty of quality time with good friends in the place I call my home, the beautiful Emerald City. After all, who knows where I will end up in a short 9 months?! Welcome back everyone, I can feel that this year is going to be one that we will never forget!